Daiship’s Referral Program a bonus for Clients

When business customers select an order fulfillment company, they often have an idea of what they are getting. But partnering with Daiship comes with an unexpected bonus.

In addition to ensuring that products are shipped quickly, inexpensively and safely to the consumer, the order fulfillment company offers merchants the opportunity to earn as much as an extra 15 percent. This is money that business clients can put toward making more products or expanding their customer base.

Referral pays

The company is keenly aware of the benefits it gets from its relationships with customers and vendors and the referrals it gets through those relationships. So instead of just focusing on fulfillment, the company works on growing its referrals number through a partnership program.

This program’s goal is to generate referrals for our business and rewarding those customers who successfully refer someone to our company,” Daiship points out on its website at Daiship.com

When business clients or vendors share positive experiences and feedback with their family, friends, and business associates, they can earn savings on the services Daiship provides to their businesses.

Fulfillment at a different level

Not all order fulfillment companies promote a referral program that earns business clients extra cash.

Complemar, which focuses on telecom products that are sensitive, expensive, fragile and proprietary, says it provides several services to the telecom industry. This includes packaging, kitting and assembly, order management, inventory management and refurbishment.

Flowspace, another order fulfillment company with a strategic partnership team program, also does not have a referral program that offers cash back to business clients. But Flowspace says it helps brands optimize ecommerce fulfillment.

And while there will be no extra cash, business clients have access to case studies that provide insights on business improvements and growth. These case studies can also help clients avoid pitfalls and learn about issues other companies face and how they deal with them.

According to its website, Deliverr’s business clients can access courses via email on how to sell online and improve their businesses. And business clients can cull information from the company videos and podcasts. But Deliverr does not offer any compensation for referrals.

How to make a referral

Daiship offers business clients and vendors several referral option plans. And depending on the circumstances, some business customers can earn 100% off their service bills.

Participants in the referral program can start to earn credits immediately. And they are not limited to the number of referrals they can make.

The first option is to invite friends and associates to discover the breadth of Daiship’s order fulfillment services. Each referral means that $12 will be added to the business client’s account. This option is also open to non-customers.

The second referral option is to “spread the word.” Businesses are rewarded “for chatting us up on your site.” the company says on its website at Daiship.com.

For business clients who want to save big, Daiship has a third plan that can save business clients 100% on your bill.

The ‘Save, Save, Save’ plan gets a company 10% off is tyearly bill for each referral that signs on with Daiship at a plan equal to theirs or higher. When the business client refers 10 customers, they will save 100% on their bill.

Website Content

Daiship also can contribute to your business’s online exposure. The company can provide targeted content for blogs or websites. And that content can be customized for your industry.

This content it offers, the company says, is specifically created to increase traffic to the business clients’ website and interactions with current and potential customers.

We love helping businesses of all types realize their goals and achieve the much-desired growth that all business owners covet,” the company says.

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