Reasons to hire an employment attorney to recover your overtime wages

It’s a law in California that employers have to pay all the wages to the employees for all the hours worked, and it should also include payments for working extra hours. An employee should work for 8 hours a day i.e. 40 hours a week. Employers will have to pay a premium if the employees have worked more than 40 hours. If you worked overtime and your employees deny you to pay all the wages for all the hours, you can claim not only for overtime wages but also the attorney’s fee.  An experienced unpaid wage lawyer can make the best decision whether you should be filing a lawsuit against your employer for unpaid wages. If employees want to leave a job and they give a prior notice letter, the employer has to pay all the wages within 72 hours. If the employee quits the job without notice, the employer has to pay immediately at the time of quitting. If the employer in both of the cases denies you to pay the wages, you can file a lawsuit. Similarly, you can also seek legal help for appeal unemployment denial by the employers. Nakese Law Firm is the best California based employment lawyer having skills in unpaid wages, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, gender discrimination, and wrongful termination from jobs. In this context, we’ll discuss the benefits of hiring an employment lawyer for recovering your unpaid wages.

  • Attorneys can identify if the employer can be sued– According to the federal law i.e. the Fair Labors Standards Act (FLSA), you should receive wages for working overtime i.e. more than 40 hours. However, there is an exception to this law. Exempt employees have no right to claim for working overtime. The employment attorneys know how to decide on whether the employer has broken the law or they’ve considered you as an exempt employee.
  • Lawyers can find out how the law was broken– Attorneys have comprehensive knowledge on the unlawful diplomacies played by the employers to deny wages for working overtime. Employers violate the labor laws in the following ways- Not maintaining proper time records, docking hours, improper classification of employees as contractors or exempt employees to deny their overtime wages, not paying employees for attending meetings and training, no bonus payments, and so on.
  • They are experienced– Attorneys have been working in this field for several years and they have complete knowledge of different laws and consequences of breaching them. They can provide useful counsel and can handle all the documents and paperwork. In California, there is a statute of limitation i.e. there is a stipulated time frame within which the lawsuit can be filed or claims can be made. Different cases have different statutes of limitations. It’s only an attorney who can manage all of this and guide you liberally throughout the process.
  • They can provide you ample of alternative options– It’s always a good option to consult a lawyer before pursuing a lawsuit. They’ll guide you on how to raise your complaint and what evidence will be needed for supporting the claims. Besides filing a lawsuit, there are plenty of options by which you can sort out the matter. Employment lawyers can give you suggestions on a couple of options that would help you in deciding the right solution.

Probably these are the reasons why should have an employment attorney by your side. They’ll steer you in the right direction and would help you to be successful in getting the claims.

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