6 Must-Have Features of a Good Event Management Software

The rise of innovative event technology shows to be a benefit for many companies and even the government. Since organising a virtual exhibition in Singapore is challenging, your event management software should be able to pull them off successfully.

Here are some of the essential features yours should have.

1. Handling several users from one location

The bulk of modern event planners is likely to share a common frustration with the issue of monitoring every guest. Integrated event management guarantees attendees a seamless and interesting experience regardless of the channel they choose to interact with the event.

2. Sign up for events virtually

Having attendees rather than organisers provide their information while registering is a great perk of event management software. It should allow attendees to sign up for many classes or programmes at once, especially on a hybrid event in Singapore where physical and virtual audiences are combined.

3. Online scheduling and appointment management

This function is crucial when organising gatherings for expert groups. The value of your gathering will increase dramatically if your event management software organises sessions and meetings.

4. Customisable layout

A customisable event management software will free you from having to settle for a premade layout with only so many options or have your vendors’ branding plastered all over. It should allow you to tailor the websites for your events to match your brand’s style.

5. Email and marketing automation

Integrated event management allows you to utilise automation. You should be able to clone your messages in your programme, saving you time in the long run by allowing you to generate your email templates once and then make minor adjustments.

6. Effortless and secure ticketing

When selling tickets, it’s best to have guests pay directly on the event management software since this ensures a secure, efficient, and painless transaction for everyone involved. Make sure it allows for different sorts of tickets.

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