A Career In Marketing Sector

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree is known to offer numerous professional and personal benefits. Whether you work in the fields of technology, finance, advertising, or manufacturing, a business degree will open up possibilities for career advancements, more responsibilities, and increased economic gains. While, as personal benefits, it improves your communication, leadership, and management competencies which are again crucial aspects for professional success. As in the case of any professional degree, the first and most important step while pursuing an MBA is to choose the right institution. Chandigarh University is one of the best among top tier institutes in the country. It is a private educational institution established in the year 2012 in Mohali, Punjab. Registrations for Chandigarh University Admission is through the institute website.

For anybody having a look into the best specializations available, marketing is one of the best and most common specializations in the MBA degree. The popularity of the specialization may be due to the simplicity of what is taught/learned and the fact that every individual has a marketer in him (For MBA aspirants, they are already selling themselves during the interview rounds).

Why Marketing?

Marketing serves a major purpose in creating and keeping customers. A company must be committed to meeting customer needs in a highly efficient and effective manner than competitors to succeed in today’s business environment. For this, continuous monitoring of the marketing environment is needed so that the company can quickly respond to changes in customer needs, tastes, and behavior. It is for satisfying these objectives that the firms are on the lookout for efficient marketing managers.

How to Join a Top Institute?

The candidates looking to pursue an MBA degree should hold a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college/university. Top B-Schools have their own criteria such as cut off percentages and no arrears in the bachelor’s course.

Candidates are mandatorily required to qualify for a business entrance exam such as CAT (Common Admission Test) for being eligible to apply for Chandigarh University Admission.

Benefits of Specializing in Marketing

There are various key career benefits for pursuing an MBA in Marketing degree.

  1. A variety of new job profiles: Graduating with a specialization in marketing means the rise of job positions for you. It will also enable you to apply for higher-level profiles such as senior marketing manager, brand manager, product manager, etc.
  2. Shifts in career paths: When you have been working in the same industry for a long time, a shift in career will seem impossible. But MBA, especially marketing, can provide you with new skills and help you become qualified for positions that otherwise you may have been unsuitable for. You will have better people skills and creativity which are always in demand among employers.
  3. Improvement in earnings: An MBA holder can get almost double of what they used to earn before getting the degree. What is more impressive is that they are bound to get increments in the following years as they gain experience.
  4. Increased job security: In today’s’ environment, where the job market is more turbulent than ever before, a degree in marketing gives greater job security. The skills developed through an MBA will make you a great asset to any team. Even when you leave your job, your skills will remain with you and strengthen your possibilities for finding another job. Also, marketing is a core aspect of any business and is as important as it gets. This means that the field will never go obsolete.
  5. Improved professional skills: A key aspect of success in any business environment is skills such as communication, leadership, teamwork, etc. MBA is the right place that improves upon these key skills during the course.

Investment and Returns:

An MBA degree is a high profile postgraduate degree, commands a very high investment requirement. Chandigarh University Fee Structure for the program is one of the lowest among the top tier colleges at about ₹4 lakhs. With an average package of ₹5 lakhs in the placements, the institute commands an exceptional ROI (Return on Investment) when comparing with other similar institutes. Almost all of the batch gets internships and placements every year in big companies such as Microsoft, Google, Wipro, IBM among others who are the top recruiters hiring from the institute. The strong Alumni network of the institute also ensures the best internship and placement opportunities every year. Chandigarh University Fee Structure also allows concessions in the form of scholarships on the basis of merit and financial capability.

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