A Few Facts About Your Home’s Foundation Business

There is so much about the buildings we live in that we don’t know about. From the electrical wiring behind the wall to the foundation supporting it all, your house is a marvel of engineering. Here are a few facts about your foundation and what to do if there is a problem with it.

What Do Foundations Do?

Building foundations do a lot to keep your home secure. From supporting the weight of the building above ground to keeping out moisture and cold, your home would not be as comfortable and secure without a foundation. The most important thing when constructing a house is to lay a good foundation. Any other problems your house has will be a breeze to fix so long as the foundation is secure.

How Are Foundations Made?

The most common type of foundation is concrete slab Tulsa OK. A hole is dug into the ground, and taking into account soil conditions and the water table, concrete is poured over a bed of crushed stone. This protects it against cracking from frost. Builders will also use steel to reinforce the concrete. Remember, a house and all its belongings are heavy. The foundation must be strong to support it.

How Do You Keep the Foundation Dry?

After the concrete is poured and is dry, builders need to make sure that it is waterproof. A damp house can quickly become moldy and mildewy. Taking the time to apply a waterproofing coat on the outside of the foundation will avoid any water seeping inside the house. Landscaping can also help keep the foundation dry. Making sure the soil is firm will help create a barrier to water.

What Happens if the Foundation Moves?

Sometimes the ground underneath the foundation can shift and cause damage. The signs you may have foundation damage include having trouble closing doors, cracks appearing in the walls, especially over windows and doorframes, cracks in tile flooring, and windows that have trouble opening or closing. You should get a professional to check the foundation and see if it needs to be repaired. The cost to fix a foundation depends on the damage, but you should never skip repairs. The structural integrity of your house depends on it.

Because the foundation is hidden below ground, it’s easy to forget about. But it plays a very important part in the whole structure of your house. If it is laid correctly, it should be secure for years, but sometimes it needs a repair. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what a foundation does and what you need to pay attention to if there is damage.


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