A step by step guide to track your CMA CGM container online

The availability of several logistic service providers in India has largely contributed in uplifting the standards of the industry. Modern technologies, a reliable chain of the business network, and the increasing transparency in the shipping process is to be credited for this. You do not have to look over your shoulder for securing scheduled shipments as your logistics partner does take care of all the liabilities. From customs clearance to container tracking, every step of the freight shipments is sorted out easily. 

Speaking of container tracking, it is one of the biggest achievements of the shipping industry that all one can say. The upgradation in technology is channelized in the right direction. You can check the exact location of your cargo within a few clicks and also get informative details related to the same. If you have shipped a cargo with CMA-CGM, then you may easily find out the whereabouts of your shipping container by searching any tracking services for CMA CGM tracking online. 

CMA CGM owns one of the largest fleets of refrigerated containers with over 4,00,000 TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit). If you have booked one but are still wondering how to do CMA CGM tracking online, you can be assured that it is not a difficult task. 

A Brief Guide To CMA CGM tracking online 

Almost every logistics company in the world thrives at offering the best container tracking facility for ensuring customer reliance. While some develop their own technology for the purpose, there are most that use the universal GPS (Global Positioning System) or GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) satellites to provide a live feed. So in order to check the location of your cargo, you need to do CMA CGM tracking online by following these few simple steps.

With The Help of Company’s Own Website 

  • Go to your browser tab and search “cma-cgm.com” and click search. Choose the topmost link displayed on your screen. 
  • You will be directed to the homepage of the website. Look for the tab “MY CMA CGM” on the top panel or ribbon of the page. Click on to have a look at the list of services related to your cargo shipment. 
  • For CMA CGM tracking, click on “Track My Shipment” tab under the quick access column. 
  • You will see a refreshed page on the screen. First, select the type of search you wish to do. Under the “search by” option, there is a drop-down arrow with three possible selections. You can either search by container type, Bill of Lading or Booking details. 
  • Under the References tab, you will need to put the reference information against your selection. Like if you select Bill of Lading, which is the best option, enter the bill number accurately. 
  • Click search and you are done! The detailed information of CMA CGM tracking of your cargo will be displayed to you. 

With The Help of Cogoport 

Cogoport offers a hassle-free and user-friendly interface for container tracking facility of almost every cargo irrespective of the logistics. So you can also use it for CMA CGM tracking to get accurate results. 

  • Visit Cogoport’s official website to select the container tracking facility under the products column. 
  • Select the option and scroll down the page to select the “Get Started” tab to continue. 
  • Enter your work email for logging in the site and then follow the easy steps as it will specify. 
  • Get the most reliable and accurate results with the advanced tracking technology of the company without worrying about any glitch in the information. 

Container tracking is the most important and useful part of the shipping process as it helps you in meeting your customers’ deadlines more effectively. It also relieves you from the worry of safety and shipping routes of the freight shipments. So if you are ever interested in shipping containers… check them out if you live in Adelaide.

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