Boots: How To Choose Size?

In your closet, you probably have shoes of different sizes. With the diversity of shoes and brands that we have, companies do not follow the same models of shapes, which makes us have shoes of different types and sizes.

The best thing to do when buying a boot such as Thorogood boots for example is to choose 1.5 cm or 2 cm larger shoes to bring more comfort to your feet. Even knowing that the leather of the boot can sag over time, it is essential to have this slack to help the shoe’s durability. That way, you avoid stressing the seams or even the part on top of the feet.

Consult Our Size Chart To Find The Perfect Size.

Another important point is that the boot does not yield in the toe. That way, if you buy a model that is too tight next to the big toe, the risk of having bruises on your feet is high.

The best way to define the best size when trying on the boot is to place your index finger along the boot’s shaft, close to the heel. If your toe fits between the shaft and the base of your foot, the size is correct. If you buy the model online, measure your foot on a sheet of paper in length, width, and circumference. Add the clearance mentioned above and buy your shoes with the size defined. Most online shoe stores have a measurement guide, which helps you when shopping.

Choose Finish

Whether buying on the internet or in physical stores, check the finish of the boot before placing your order. Analyze the finishing of the seams, sole, interior, and other details. If you are trying on the boot, notice how it fits on your feet if any seams catch on the heel, toes, or top of the feet, which could cause you to bruise. In addition, always try on shoes with socks to feel how they look and hold up in your day today.

Test Your Boot

I’m at the store buying my boot, should I wear them? Yes, enjoy the space, walk with the boot, if possible, climb stairs, squat down and analyze if it brings all the comfort you need. If you buy shoes online, do the same at home when the order arrives. This moment is very important, as this decision directly impacts your daily comfort.

Choosing a boot is no easy task. But, know that when you buy any model of these shoes, you won’t regret it, because boots are friends and faithful companions.

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