Common Mistakes Pearls Jewelry Brands Make During Social Media Promotion

There is no doubt in saying that social media has brought a revolution in the entire jewelry industry. However, not every social media strategy is going to work for a pearl jewelry business. We have compiled some common mistakes that are committed by jewelry brands along with the ways to avoid them.

Not using professional level pearl product images

High-quality product photography is vital to demonstrate the craftsmanship and complexity of pearl jewelry. Lack of image resolution, use of unflattering backgrounds, wrong lighting, etc. makes images look quite dull and unappealing.

One of the best ways for the usage of social media is to shoot the pearl jewelry with the help of a professional photographer or professional equipment. Ensure that the image background is clean and light, lighting is proper and focus is properly adjusted in order to generate sharp and high-resolution Akoya pearl images.

Not producing a sufficient variety of web content

It becomes a lot boring for a customer to open a social media account page to find identical posts every time. This creates disinterest in them and makes it difficult to keep them engaged, and to avoid losing your website customers. It is important to be creative and generate a mixture of content that comprises of original photography shots in an unusual location, lifestyle images, etc.

Failing to tailor your web content to different social media platforms

Often it is found that a business is present on various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. Posting the same content on all these platforms bores users. Each of these platforms requires a different form of web content that is relevant to it. A good practice is to publish different types of posts on different social media platforms.


More and more pearl jewelry businesses are adopting a more cultured approach, entertaining and educating their customers as well as linking them personally via social media channels. Avoiding the above mistakes will help your pearl jewelry business to make the best use of social media in its growth.

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