Discover The Benefits of Using AccessiBe for Website Accessibility

Every business has the social and ethical responsibility of making its websites accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Thanks to the advent of innovative website accessibility tools, business owners can now use them to make their sites fully compliant at an affordable cost. They no longer have to resort to manual techniques that were time-consuming and expensive for getting website accessibility and 100% compliance for their sites online.

AccessiBe- A trusted and popular web accessibility tool for modern business websites

Most business owners struggle with compliance, and they look for a cost-effective means to enable them to attain the above objective without hassles. AccessiBe is a highly popular web accessibility tool in the market today for both large and small business owners. It has the power of artificial learning and machine learning. The cost of the tool is very affordable, and its pricing plans begin at just $49 per month for websites that have less than 1000 pages. With this tool, business owners are able to get the peace of mind they are looking for when it comes to making their sites 100% compliant.

What are the benefits of this innovative tool for business owners?

When it comes to its advantages, businesses are able to-

  • Incorporate the tool into their website with a single line of JavaScript.
  • You can customize the tool and adapt it to the design and theme of the site.
  • All the adjustments to the automatic screen readers are empowered by artificial intelligence.
  • Adheres to the requirements that have been laid down by WCAG 2.1 AA, covering a wide range of disabilities like motor impairments, visual and cognitive disabilities, blindness, and others.
  • Has been developed vis-a-via with users with disabilities.
  • You receive an accessibility statement and compliance certification with a date stamp for proving the site is up to date with compliance.
  • A package for Litigation Support is given to every customer at no additional fee in the event of legal challenges to your website’s compliance.

What makes this tool stand out from its competitors in the market?

This tool is different from its peers in the market as it is the only web accessibility tool with the power of artificial intelligence. It is automated and ensures that the site is ADA and WCAG compliant round-the-clock.

The installation process is very simple, and it just takes 5 minutes of your time. You just need to add one line of JavaScript code to the business website. There are other ways for you to add this code, and you can do it via the Google Tag Manager, or you have the option to use one of the CMS extensions of AccessiBe like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal. BigCommerce, and more.

The moment you install this tool on your site, there is no difference in the page’s loading speed. Users with disabilities are able to set their profile preferences when it comes to accessibility in a single click. Moreover, even if a user does not activate any of the accessibility features of the site, they will not face any problems with the browsing experience at all.

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