How long is an NYC marriage license valid?

Are you planning on getting hitched in New York in the coming months? If you are, then you would most likely be preparing already. Planning a wedding is one of the most important phrases of your life and it is important that it ends well. One of the important things that you would need to do to achieve that benchmark would be to get yourself a marriage license. Once this is done, you would be allowed to get married in New York. However, how long is an NYC marriage license valid? The answer to that question is 60 days. Let’s see if we can find out more about the subject matter.  If you need help getting your marriage license visit U.S Marriage Laws to get help today,

Duration of the NYC marriage license

Once you have completed the form and the other applications, you would be likely issued with an NYC marriage license. Now, there are several things which you would have to know about the NYC marriage license. If you are a regular person seeking to get a marriage license, then the normal validity duration would be 60 days. It is also important to remember that no marriage licenses would be given out within 24 hours of any wedding. The only exception to this would be in circumstances where a judicial waiver has been given. We would come back to that in a bit.

Military personnel are however considered to be distinctly different people when it comes to the rules which guide the issuance of the marriage licenses. What this means is that they would most likely have a longer period before their licenses would expire. The regular duration for military persons in New York would be 180 days (6 months or less). However, if you are not in the military, it is important to get married within 60 days to avoid filling for a fresh license.

Judicial waivers

Like as being earlier stated, once your marriage license is given, there is an embargo on the time which it would start counting as valid. This would usually be 24 hours after it has been issued. If you simply cannot wait that long to get married, then you would have to apply for a judicial waiver. The application for a judicial waiver would have to be taken from the clerk’s office that was used when you applied for a marriage license. Once it has been given, you would have to take the application to a judge in your jurisdiction to approve.

The rules would be a bit different if you are an adult and if you are below 16. When you are an adult or above 16, you would be allowed to get the waiver order from any judge in your jurisdiction. Jurisdiction here would mean any judge which is currently working in the county where both or one of you seeking to get married resides. Another way you can get a waiver would be getting the approval of a judge who is currently at the Supreme Court.

If you are below 16, you would then need to request for the waiver through the judge in your county who is known as the family judge. Without permission coming from this judge, you would not get a judicial waiver. It is often recommended that you only request for a judicial waiver when it is absolutely necessary as it is not always worth the long process.

The process for the license draws to a close at the wedding. You would need to sign the license on that day to give the license its validity. The license would have to be signed by the couple, and the officiant. Once all these persons have signed, the license would be considered to be valid and would have served its purpose.


Marriage licenses are in place for a reason. They are there to make sure that everyone who is getting married is appropriately checked and screened. It is thus important to make sure that you have your marriage licenses ready before any marriage takes place in New York. To get it, all you have to do is to go to the city clerk and make an application with your spouse. It does not get easier than that.

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