How to Accurately Track Employee Time and Attendance

Time and attendance is an important aspect of any workplace, as it allows employers to keep track of their employees’ work hours. 

Tracking this information accurately can be a challenge, especially for larger companies with many employees. However, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to ensure that time and attendance tracking at your company is as accurate as possible.

Manual Data Entry

One of the most basic methods of tracking employee time and attendance is through manual data entry. This can be done with a simple spreadsheet or even a pen and paper.

Each day, you will need to have your employees clock in and out, and you will need to enter this information into the spreadsheet. This method can be time-consuming, but it is relatively accurate if done correctly.

Time Tracking Software

One of the most popular and effective methods for tracking employee time and attendance is using specialised software that automates this process. 

Time attendance system can typically be used across multiple platforms and devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. This type of software typically includes a time clock feature that allows employees to clock in and out electronically, as well as track their hours worked. 

This software can also generate reports that managers can use to assess employee productivity and identify any issues that may need to be addressed.

Automated Time Clocks

Automated time clocks are a more advanced way of tracking employee time and attendance. These devices are typically used in conjunction with a software program that allows you to track employee hours.

Automated time clocks can be set up to require employees to clock in and out with a physical card, fingerprint, or even an iris scan. This method is more accurate than manual data entry and can save you a lot of time.

Biometric Systems 

Another popular option for tracking employee time and attendance is using biometric systems. Biometric systems use physical characteristics, such as fingerprint scanners or iris scanners, to identify employees and track their hours worked. 

These types of systems are often used in conjunction with time tracking software to provide a more complete picture of employee productivity.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is another advanced way of tracking employee time and attendance. With this method, you can use GPS tracking devices to keep track of where your employees are at all times. 

This allows you to see if they are actually where they say they are during the work day and can help prevent any potential time theft or abuse.

Regular Performance Reviews 

In addition to using technology-based methods for tracking employee time and attendance, businesses should also consider conducting regular performance reviews. This can help managers identify any employees who may be slacking off or not meeting their full potential. 

Performance reviews can also help businesses identify any training or development needs that employees may have. Conducting regular performance reviews is a great way to ensure that employees are productive and meeting the standards set by the company.

Timekeeping Apps

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of using timekeeping apps as an effective way to track employee time and attendance. Timekeeping apps allow employees to clock in and out directly from their smartphones, which can be a convenient and efficient way for businesses to track their employees’ hours. Timekeeping apps are also a great option because they are typically inexpensive or even free to use.


Overall, there are a number of different methods that you can use to track employee time and attendance. Whichever method you choose will depend on your needs, budget, and the level of accuracy you require.

If you are looking for an accurate way to track employee time and attendance, consider using one of the methods listed above. With the right tools in place, you can ensure that your employees are working as they should be and that your payroll is accurate.

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