How to choose you Internet Plan?

The internet has become an essential part of your daily lives. Today is the time about online business, internet banking, online degrees and social media status. The internet is providing directions and maps in just a few seconds. It proves to be the best time pass whether you are at the airport or in the train. You can manage your time with the help of internet. It is possible to learn new skills on the internet without having to leave your house. It is powerful and beneficial for everyone if it is used in the right way.

The Australian Government has rolled out the National Broadband Network (NBN). It is a high-speed broadband network. It provides high speed internet connections to every office and house in Australia. There are retailers through which you can buy the most suitable internet plan but you must keep in mind the following points before choosing the right plan.

Type of Broadband

You will have to make a decision on the type of broadband you want. Your options will depend on your geographical location and speed you want. The main types of broadband are ADSL, cable and fiber.

ADSL offers fast download and upload speed over existing copper phone lines. The main advantage is that it’s cheap and available almost everywhere. But ADSL is slower than cable or fiber.

Cable network is designed to carry radio signals such as internet and cable TV, so there is no risk of interference from phone signals. The increased speed you get is reflected by the price you pay.

Optical fiber broadband is the latest and fastest technology available currently. The only downside is the cost but if you are looking for good internet speed, you must choose fiber broadband.

How much Data do you get?

Providers offer limited or unlimited data plan. Unlimited plans are slightly more expensive but give you relief that you won’t have to pay extra charges if you go over your allocated limit. When you go over limit, your internet provider will either slow down your speed or charge you extra. If you don’t spend too much time on the internet you can opt for a limited plan.

Duration of plan

Broadband plans are based on 12 or 24 month contracts. These plans are cheaper but if you are not happy with the service or if you are moving houses, these long term plans restrict you. Short term plans also exist but you may have to pay slightly higher installation costs and you will have to buy your modem which if generally free with long term plans.

Bundle discounts

Internet providers offer a discount if you bundle your broadband connection with other services such as mobile phones or landlines.

Before you choose your Internet service plan, have a clear idea of how much internet do you use. Compare plans from various Internet providers and then make a decision. You can even compare plans on They have Australia’s leading Internet providers like Optus, iPrimus, MyRepublic and Belong Internet partnering with them. Keep your need in consideration and compare the plans at iSelect and then make your final decision.

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