How to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Store Business

If you’ve opened a brick-and-mortar store and are struggling to get people in the door, there are several techniques you can use. Not everyone responds to the same type of hook, so try several to see what works.

Evaluate Your Sign

First, look at your sign with a critical eye. Does it stand out from the other signs near it? Could it benefit from being lit up? Is it big enough to catch the eye? If you determine that there are additional places where you could hang a sign such as on a side fence or closer to the road, investigate sign printing Vancouver WA and double your advertising.

Host Events

Depending on the type of space you have, begin making a list of events you could host. Busy moms are always looking for some place to hold children’s birthday parties. Girl and Boy Scouts are always trying to earn badges. Look into the requirements and see if you could host a badge workshop. Even if your business is no way related to children, there are still opportunities to teach youngsters about money or owning a business.

Build a Picture Spot

A passerby might never think to stop at your store except for the fluffy cat in the window or the flashing lights or expansive holiday display. Tantalize the casual customer to come in and take a selfie with something interesting in your store. It can really be anything such as a giant box they can pop out of, clown shoes or a cage of parakeets. The purpose is to get them in the door. Once they’re in, offer a coupon if they post the picture on Instagram using a specific hashtag.

The best recommendation for a business is excellent customer service, but you must get the customers first. Do whatever it takes to increase the foot traffic so that you can get the word out about your business.

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