Jerome Karam Is Changing The Face Of Houston

In Texas and Louisiana, Jerome Karam is known as Dr. Impossible. Karam has redeveloped over a million square feet of real estate in the past five years alone. Karam’s signature development is the Mall of the Mainland. He purchased the old Mall of the Mainland and redeveloped it into a state-of-the-art modern facility. The new mall hosts the iconic Plaza Royal Executive Suites as well as the biggest trampoline park in America.

Spirit of Excellence

Jerome Karam embodies the spirit of excellence. In an industry known for half measures, Karam always strives to give his best because he understands that when you give your best, you will be rewarded with the best.

Mediocrity is the last thing that you can associate with any of Karam’s developments. When he undertakes a project, he always completes it perfectly and on time. He has earned a reputation as the most trusted property developer in Houston, Texas.

Unique Vision

For anyone familiar with the real estate scene of Texas, Jerome Karam requires little introduction.  Through his unique vision, he has been able to remodel, renovate, and convert old buildings into award-winning properties.

Century-Old Brewery

Karam is a visionary developer and that is evident in his achievements. Jerome Karam has used his vision and unique abilities to bring to life old and useless buildings such as the Falstaff Brewery.

Who could have thought that the century-old Falstaff brewery that had been left abandoned could be given a new lease of life? That was all made possible by Jerome Karam. To him, impossible means nothing. Karam likes to undertake the most difficult and impossible projects and successfully complete them.

A Man of Many Hats

For a man who has done a lot for Houston, it is hard to find the perfect award for him. Jerome Karam has added beauty and glamor to Houston through his iconic real estate developments. Karam is a man of many hats; he is a renowned personal injury attorney, a celebrated real estate developer, and a passionate philanthropist.

In everything that he does, Jerome Karam believes in giving his best. He believes that hard work and determination are the keys to success. When he started out as a personal injury attorney in Houston, Texas, Jerome Karam had little to his name. Through sheer hard work, he managed to transform himself from an unknown lawyer into one of the most recognizable property developers in the nation.

A Lawyer

As a lawyer with over 20 years of experience, he specializes in seeking justice for accident victims. Ethics, equity, and justice are principles that are very close to Karam’s heart. Jerome Karam Houston believes in justice being served at the right time because justice delayed is justice denied. At his law offices in Friendswood, Texas, he always strives to expedite the cases of clients.

A Philanthropist

Jerome Karam is a strong believer in philanthropy. Charity work is an important part of his business. Karam believes that his business exists to make society better. He believes in giving back to society.

Jerome Karam has helped in building schools and redesigning public gyms. He has previously donated to the Galveston Historical Society, Galveston Catholic Community, and the CASA of Galveston, among other organizations.

According to Jerome Karam Houston, the happiest people are those who give more. He is a staunch Catholic who believes in the Biblical principle of giving.

Through his property development business, Jerome Karam helps to improve the lives of everyday people. He has already created many jobs and provided decent housing to thousands of Texans.  Karam is not showing any signs of slowing down. He has many great plans for the future.

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