Know about the worth of Helim 10 


If you are an Amazon FBA seller, you are aware of the value of effective solutions for boosting sales and controlling the many work procedures involved with Amazon FBA. One of the greatest Amazon FBA tools, Helium 10, is definitely something you’ve heard of. But is it really the greatest or worthwhile to invest in? Undoubtedly, Helium 10 has excellent features, but if you research the tool online, you may find a number of biased evaluations that could influence your choice. The demand for Helium10 Xray has increased over time.

Review of Helium 10

One of the popular tools for new Amazon sellers to improve their product rankings and thereby raise their profit margins is Helium 10. It provides lots of tools that are appropriate for both experts and beginners. It also possesses the extraordinary ability to offer all that its rivals do, simply in a convenient set of features and tools. For instance, Helium 10 enables you to accomplish so more effectively if you utilize JungleScout for keyword research, AMZ tracker for sales generation, and Viral Launch for product launches.

Features & Power Tools

Let’s learn more about Helium 10’s features and tools now that we have a general notion of what it offers its users.

  1. Cerebro: 

Helium 10’s primary sales-boosting tool is Cerebro. It is a reverse ASIN lookup tool that informs you of all information pertaining to a product’s viability on Amazon. The tool gives lists of keyword ideas based on their searchability rankings after simply pasting the product URL.

  1. 8-Day CPR Giveaways

The CPR 8-Freebies tool calculates the approximate number of giveaways you must create in just 8 days. With the use of this information, you will be able to determine precisely how to position your product at the top of search results for the relevant term. 

  1. Magnet

Using a magnet, you may find the keywords that will generate the most revenue. By employing a “seed” term, these useful Amazon keywords are discovered. The tool provides information about keywords, such as high-volume keywords, useful keywords, top products, word frequency, etc. You can thus use terms that generate the most organic traffic.

  1. Frankenstein

Frankenstein can be thought of as a trimming tool. This tool’s major function is to remove all the pointless modifiers from keywords, leaving only the core keywords that drive the greatest traffic. It only requires that you paste the keywords there and press a button.

  1. Blackbox 

A specialized research tool is Blackbox. With the use of product-related data points including monthly sales, search volume, and competition, this tool’s main purpose is to enable sellers to learn more about the most lucrative product options.

  1. Scribbles: 

The ideal Amazon listing optimizer for Helium 10 is Scribbles. It offers the option to obtain keyword work information without manually keeping track of them. Scribbles make sure that the seller’s listings are completely optimized when it comes to listing. How does that happen? By maintaining a record of the terms you’ve used and where you’ve used them.

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