Outsourcing The Accounting Function

Accounting can be handled in-house. Alternatively, it can be outsourced. For a big company, it is easy to set up an accounting department and subsequently staff it. Setting up this department requires a lot of money. The department will require several fully furnished offices. There will be the need to purchase computers and other items. Accountants employed will have to be paid a salary at the end of the month. Computers and servers have to be maintained regularly. The office should be cleaned daily.

Small Business

For a small business, handling accounting in-house is not an option. That is because the business cannot afford to cater to the various expenses. Therefore, the best option will be outsourcing the accounting function to an accounting firm London. This will save the business a lot of stress. A small business owner can be stressed if they have to supervise an accountant daily. Handling people is not the easiest thing to do, especially for a startup. By outsourcing, it will be possible to have peace of mind.


It is difficult for a small business to attract the best financial talent. Most of the best minds in the industry usually opt for big firms. These firms invest in headhunting. Some of them even hunt for talent right at the university. This is something that a small business owner cannot afford to do. By outsourcing, it will be possible for a firm to enjoy the best talent. An entrepreneur will not have to search for the best Accountant in London.


By outsourcing as many things as possible, an entrepreneur will have the opportunity to focus on the things that matter. It will be possible to focus on the bottom-line. Managing staff can distract an entrepreneur. Of course, there are office politics that is quite distracting. Some employees can be rogue and refuse to do what is required from them.

Free Up Resources

Outsourcing frees up financial and human resources. These resources can be deployed to other more meaningful uses. Money is always available in a limited supply. Therefore, every single cent should be put to good use. Studies show that it is cheaper to outsource rather than having an in-house accounting department.

Most startups are struggling financially. In fact, most of them usually fail before the end of the first year due to financial constraints. To lower the financial burden, outsourcing is recommended. There are firms that have affordable rates.

The Bottom-Line

There are many accounting firms in London. A small business owner should find the best accountancy firm London. Research must be done to identify the most reputable firms. Online reviews will point an individual in the right direction.

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