Stray From the Risk of Hidden Costs 

In this age of cutthroat competition, the companies are looking forward to establishing their marketplace online. eBay is a great place where sellers can list their products and make them available to millions of prospective customers. However, before listing the products on eBay, a seller must be sure about the number of fees that he will incur from eBay before he starts selling his goods online.

A seller will be charged some basic fees when he lists an item for sale on eBay and tries to sell it. Sometimes, the amount can be overwhelming, and the seller might be taken aback. Fastintell is a third-party platform that helps to calculate the number of fees that a seller might have to pay to remain assured about the profit that he will earn.

What Are Some of the Fees that a Seller Has to Pay 

When a seller tries to list his goods for sale, there are some fees that he has to pay. They are as follows:

  1. Fee for Listing Insertion: This is the first fee that a seller will encounter. This refers to a certain amount of money that a seller is charged for listing an item on eBay for sale. This kind of fee is applicable to both fixed-price listings and auction-style listings. However, sellers who have a basic account on eBay will get the facility of 100 listings every month for certain categories, for which they will not have to pay the listing insertion fee. After exceeding the limit of allowance granted, there will be an additional amount of money charged for each listed item.
  2. Fee on Final Value: This is the fee charged at the end of a transaction when a deal is made. This is a percentage-based charge. The percentage is calculated on the price of the item along with the shipping and the handling charges. This charge is valuable because the shipping fee varies based on the preference of the customer. In case a customer opts for domestic shipping, the fees charged on the final value will be calculated in the cheapest possible way. This charge is lived as soon as a sale is made, disregarding whether the buyer has paid for the item. If a seller doesn’t receive the payment from the buyer’s end, he can report the sale and receive credit back on his account.

To Sum It Up

Fee calculation is very important for a seller to make sure that he earns the best possible benefits by selling on eBay. For every seller, it is important to get in touch with Fastintell, the company known for its best and real-time analysis of the different aspects of selling goods on eBay. Fastintell can help successfully calculate all the fees associated with a transaction and provide the sellers with an accurate estimate. This is done in the form of a spreadsheet and includes all the breakdowns in detail. Hence, no more hidden costs!

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