The chronological History of Vacuum Pump Technology

Otto Van Guericke born in 1602 and died in 1686 invented the piston-type vacuum pump technology after a series of technological experiments on the effects and production of vacuum. During the early experiments of Otto Van Guericke which took place around 1647, he successfully produced a vacuum through the use of a suction vacuum pump which eventually removed the water from a sealed wooden cask. Eventually, the cask leaked air inside from out as soon as water passed out. Eventually, Otto Van Guericke thought of using metal or glass to replace the wooden cask. 

Ultimately, after a series of painstaking experiments he was successful to invent a pump which removed the air from the vessel. He experimented directly with the removal of air instead of water like the former experiments. This is how the contemporary vacuum pump technology took birth in the 1600 century and developed with the incorporation of many modern and sophisticated technologies that you see today. Find the best, durable and affordable vacuum pump with LeDab that would be suitable to serve your purpose.

Otto Van Guericke was the burgomeister or the mayor of the town Magdeburg which was around 100 Km far and south from Berlin. He also invented and produced the electrostatic machine though he did not have any intention on electronics. The diagram based on his invention showing a double barrel air pump dating back to 1832 seems amazing but very old fashioned. These pumps were designed for use at schools and were sold in the open market at a fair price of 15 USD to 20 USD. You can still view one of the historic early version painting of vacuum pump in St. Patrick’s College in Maynooth as well as in other places too.  

The vacuum pumps in the 1800s were developed and expensive. One of the vacuum pumps produced by N. B. Chamberlain of Boston in 1985 were sold at a far more enhanced price at 100 to 200 USD. The cost depended on the size of the cylinder and the pump place diameter. One of the famed merchant dealing with vacuum pumps in the 1860s Ritchie wrote about his vacuum pump saying, “the cylinder is well polished, and the piston is packed in and developed manner”. His writing proves that the vacuum pump was already developed to a greater extent in the 1900s. The early diffusion vacuum pumps used either mercury or oil as the working liquid.

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