Three Issues you Should Consider from a Divorce Settlement

Going through a divorce is a stressful experience. If you visit one of the best attorneys of CoilLaw, LLC about your divorce, you must know what exactly you want from a divorce settlement. This settlement should be as comprehensive as possible to avoid future conflicts. Below are the things you should ask in the settlement:

Custody and Visitation

Whether you want sole or split custody, you must think about who will have custody or visitation with the kids on holidays and children’s birthdays. Also, you may want to consider who will transport the kids to extracurricular activities and what vacation trips you want to take your kids on. Will you or your ex be responsible for the kids’ religious upbringing? Consider what will happen if one of you is not available during a time when he or she has custody or visitation. Consider if that parent can make other arrangements or the other party retains custody during this period?

Support Matters

The law sets the amount of child support a parent should pay; however, you must also consider problems that can occur. These include who will pay premiums on the child’s insurance and who pays dental or medical expenses out of pocket. Also, you must consider if your kids will attend private school and who will pay the tuition costs. Your kids’ college education cost and income tax deduction must also be discussed before reaching a settlement arrangement.

Property Problems

Marital property division should be done equitably. When trying to reach a marital settlement agreement, you must talk about who gets the marital house, how the division breaks down, and if one spouse will pay the mortgage. If you both accumulated significant debt during the marriage, determine who will pay the debt. Also, consider if you want to take alimony and get more cash in the property division. 

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