Top Challenges Of Writing A Good College Essay 

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Students encounter a lot of problems nowadays due to a large amount of writing tasks and essays they have to complete over a short while. This makes most students opt for college essay writing services offered online. Now it is possible to order almost every type of paper online be it custom essays, thesis, research abstracts, etc. Apart from the obvious challenges, lack of time and excessive workload, there are other reasons or challenges that college students stumble upon.

Reasons students face difficulties when writing essays

  • Organization skill – some students cannot write down their thought process coherently. Most times papers and essays require you to take a stance and write down the reason why you took that stance hereby convincing whoever will be reading the paper. This requires time to formulate theories and back them up accurately, if as a student you are fond of last-minute preparation then you are setting yourself up for failure.
  • Grammar – grammar and punctuation can be a major setback when writing academic essays and papers. It is one of the major reasons why people lose marks.
  • High level of plagiarism and low level of uniqueness – sometimes in the process of trying to meet up with deadlines students copy and paste articles, essays, and researches online instead of being creative. This is very bad and is another reason students lose marks.

How can these problems be solved?

There are two main possible solutions


College students face major problems when it comes to academic writing. These problems can be solved by either improving your skills or employing college essay writing services. 


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