What are the Basic Functions of Packaging in Product Marketing?

Appropriate packaging has five basic functioning in marketing your product namely (1) providing protection to your product, (2) keeps your product secured in the containment while shipping, (3) displays detail information about the product, (4) provides instructions for using the product, and (5) promotes your business. If you are desirous of promoting your business as well as keep the product safe, contact Netpakto avail all professional packaging services at affordable price.

The packaging protects the product through various ways such as it protects the products from natural deterioration and gives physical protection. There are many natural elements which may damage your products like heat, cold, water, gases, fumes, bacteria, insects etc. Appropriate packaging can effectively protect your product from probable damage caused by natural factors. The packaging is also popularly used for physical protection such as internal product protection, improving shock protection etc.

Besides providing protection, the packaging is also used for providing safety especially for the products which are considered hazardous for the users as well as for transportation. These products are radioactive materials, highly inflammable liquid and gas, toxic materials etc. Nowadays, many people distribute or serve food through food packaging particularly in celebrations and special occasions which eventually reduces waste.

The second basic function of packaging is the containment which starts from spots of adhesives to use various materials like stretchable and shrinkable plastic films, papers or wraps etc. There are stronger bulk boxes made out of a fabricated form of metal or plastic, or corrugated board etc. in order to perfectly protect the product.

The third basic function of packaging is providing information. The consumers of the product get the necessary information from the packaging such as general features or ingredient of the product, net weight or quantity of the product, detail information of the manufacturer including the address, price of the product etc. Similarly, the medicine packaging provides the detailed method of preparation, nutritional value, date of manufacturing and expiry date, cautionary information etc. Often the colour of the packaging provides information. For example, the colour of Fanta or Mirinda says that the brand is made out of orange.

The fourth basic function of packaging is user instruction or utility of the use of the product especially in pre-packaged hot metals, dispensing devices, and disposable medical packaging. The fifth basic function of packaging is to promote the business by its attractive colours, logos, captions, symbols etc.

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