What Is A CNC Lathe Machine And What Are Its Advantages

CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control and a CNC lathe machine is a tool that allows turning and drilling to be carried out effectively. If you see a post of CNC lathe for sale (ขาย เครื่อง กลึง CNC, which is the term in Thai), before purchasing it know the advantages it.

·      Accurate Results

When work is done manually, there might be mistakes or errors. This could result in inaccurate results. But as CNC machines are numerically controlled and as there’s no manual operation, the results are expected to be highly accurate. So if there’s a task assigned to the machine, it is sure that the task is completed within the time and accurately.

·      Efficiency

Unlike robots, humans can’t work for hours together. A CNC machine can work for hours together very efficiently. Every task that is assigned to it will be completed within no time where all the humans fail or can’t work. So, a CNC lathe machine is highly efficient and can work for hours together by providing only accurate results.

·      Reduced Labour

Finding proper labor is still a difficult task for most owners. And when there are fewer machines it is obvious that laborers need to work for extra hours. But CNC lathe machines are a replacement for the labor and their working hours. Even though these machines need some manual operation, too many operators aren’t required. So business owners or machine owners don’t have to spend too much on finding and employing laborers. Also when there’s much labor there are chances of injuries. But CNC lathe machines are very safe to operate. So, injuries are very rare while using these machines.

·      Increases Productivity

When compared, humans take much more time to create designs than machines. Which means the productivity ratio is low. A CNC lathe machine can print complex designs very easily where all humans take time. So, using a CNC machine helps in making the work easy and also increases the productivity rate. And CNC machines do not miss to print any small detail which is a bonus point for its owners.

·      Low-Maintenance

CNC machines don’t need much maintenance. And also they can work for 24 hours. When CNC machines have employed the expenditure on finding laborers and salaries for them are reduced.

So, these are the main advantages of CNC lathe machines. Make sure you know all of them before purchasing a CNC machine.

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