What is so good about Bérêche & fils wines you must know?

Bérêche & fils is composed of a father and his two sons that carry on the tradition of fermenting wines in their family for several generations. With this style of work, Bérêche & fils seeks to express the unique character of each parcel, offering Champagne that is alive, precise, and pure. The terroirs are cared for with biodynamic practices, free of any pesticides or chemicals. Bérêche & fils is one of the leading established Champagne houses in the village of located on the slope above Épernay, which has produced brilliant wines since its establishment in 1847.

Since then, 7 generations of winegrowers and winemakers of the family have worked to keep their traditions strong and go beyond this to deliver wines of the utmost quality. The Online wine auctions family has had vineyards in their possession since 1750. This Champagne House, owned by the Récollets Abbey for a long time and whose vineyards spread over Chigny Les Roses, Vallée de la Marne and Montagne de Reims is a part of the famous terroir of l’Ecluse. The whole Pinot Meunier grape harvest comes from 80-year-old vines from this famous Grand Cru.

A family tradition for four generations, Bérêche & fils is a grower-producer of champagne in the Les Riceys township of the Aube region. Over the past 100 years, the Berêches have established themselves as one of Champagne’s great unsung estates. Bérêche & Fils is perhaps one of the most famous and widely admired Champagne producers. Responsible for some of the finest Blanc de Blancs in the region, Bérêche builds on nearly two centuries of tradition, and yet they are also pioneers with their unique style.

The Bérêche cellar was created in 1847 by Nicolas-Joseph, who purchased the Clos du Clôs vineyard. In 1859 Émile and Jules-Alphonse Bérèche joined the firm, which then became Bérèche & Fils. The brothers remained the sole owners until 1973 when the sons of Jean-Paul Bérèche, Frédéric, and Daniel acquired the estate. Passionate about the history of Champagne and its future, René Bérêche and his son Léonard work together in their small family firm to bring a higher quality to this grandest of wines. Traditional methods and rigorous yields mean that the best of each vintage is reflected in every bottle.

Prévost-Berêche owns 11.5 hectares of vineyard in the villages of Cramant, Chouilly, Oger, and Avize, including some of the finest Grand Cru plots in these villages, with most in Avize. The current pair of owners, Raphael Bereche and Emilie Berêche are now closely following in the footsteps established by their father Marc. Their wines are elegant and understated with a distinct saline quality that many consider the signature of these top-quality wines. Wines from this Domaine are hard to find outside of the Champagne region. This is not inexpensive wine but it’s value for money for a small producer who specializes solely in vineyard and winemaking techniques and passing on their knowledge.

As a family winery, our wines bear the names of their makers. Therefore, they are all cru wines. This is an effort to convey to everyone the uniqueness of each territory by respecting its potential. Their personality is preserved through the use of traditional vinification methods and without the use of pesticides and herbicides, leaving it to nature to express itself with all its subtleties. This best for last wine was born in the Côte des Blancs, on the plateau of Vertus, the most coveted region for Chardonnay. The minerality & the freshness of our terroir makes it a perfectly balanced wine.

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