What ThePros and Cons of Chain and Shaft Driven Motorcycles?

In most of the motorcycles, you might have encountered the use of chain, or the shaft is driven that is probably used for transferring the power. This is used for transferring the power from the source of the engine to the rear wheel areas. Both the categories of shaft and chain have been composed with their advantages and disadvantages. But among both of them, chain-driven has made itself to be one of the most readily and standard used in today’s market! Few of the motorcycles make the use of belt drive.

Introduction About Chain Drive

A chain drive is known out to be one of the most common forms of motorcycle mechanisms. It is the cheapest way through which you will be able to drive power into the rear wheel areas. They usually make the use of two different sprockets. One is meant for the engine and the second is used for the rear wheel. These two sprockets are wholly connected using a chain. In this way as soon as the engine’s sprocket turns, the rear wheel area of the bike will turn along with it.

What is Shaft Driven?

Shaft drive is the form of technology that is mostly used in four-wheel vehicles. It might offer with less noise and often require the less range of maintenance as well. This is quite commonly used in bikes. They will make you provide with the smooth driving task. It does not have a life span.

Pros and Cons Of Chain Drive


  • They are much easy when it comes to service and are often light in weight too. On a regular basis, you have to clean them.
  • As because of the designing, the chain system is also accountable in smoothly absorbing the whole shock loads from the acceleration.
  • They often contribute to the economy as well.


  • They have the chains and sprockets that will probably wear out much faster. The chain will itself be injecting the lubricant particles into the surrounding regions. This makes you give them some extra maintenance and cleaning.

Pros and Cons Of Shaft Drive


  • They are hugely known for their durable nature and being comfortable with its cleanliness process. It is self-contained, so it does not need any maintenance much. You have to change its oil regularly to keep it moving.
  • At the same time, the shaft system will be stiffening the swing arm on top of the rear tire. This will increase its stability as well as handling nature.


  • They are a little bit expensive when it comes to repairing.
  • You will probably be finding some issues to look for the replacements of the shaft drive on the middle of the road.


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