Why are the Different Types and Benefits of Round Sling?

What is a Round Sling?

A round sling is a lifting and transporting tool that is used to connect the load with the lifting equipment. It is most commonly used with loads that have no attaching point of their own,

This sling is circular in shape and is made out of high-strength yarn. It is covered with a tubular textile jacket. It is used as a means of heavy-lifting because of its stronger strength, vis-a-vis a rope or a chain. It comes in different widths and lengths and can be made of different materials.

Based on the capacity and usage, a round sling can be between 18 inches and 150 feet in length. This length is measured from one end to the other and not by its circumference.

Round slings are covered with a tubular textile jacket. This jack works to protect the sling as well as the load from any tear and scrap. This jacket is colour-coded. A standard colour-code is prescribed for all-round slings based on strength. Each colour symbolizes the capacity of the sling. This helps to identify the capacity of any round sling at a glance.

In most cases, the yarn and the jacket of a round sling are made of the same material. The most common materials used for making round slings are nylon and polyester.

What are the Different Types of Round Slings?

Round slings can differ in terms of width, length, and material. But in terms of their configuration, round slings can be of two types: Endless and Eye and Eye.

An endless round sling is a sling that consists of joint ends that form a large continuous and endless loop. An eye-to-eye round sling is a sling that consists of a wear pad or loop eye on both sides.

Both these types share several similar qualities. They match each other in terms of capacities and abilities and follow the same standard for jacket colour-coding. Yet they have one major difference. An endless round sling is expected to have a longer life and is more versatile because its contact points can be adjusted with each use.

What are the Benefits of Using a Round Sling?

Round slings are a versatile and convenient means of lifting and transporting heavy-weight items. Because of their circular nature, round slings provide a great grip and an easy release on the load. Their pliable nature helps with hugging the loads in situations where the pressure point changes while lifting.

The jacket around the sling helps in ensuring durability and protection. It keeps the sling safe in different environments and temperatures. And because the jacket is colour-coded, it helps in identifying the strength instantly.

Round slings are easy to store and handle. Their lightweight and flexibility make them portable for any place and situation. They can fight moisture and can be stored in the smallest of spaces.

These slings are also an affordable means of heavy-weight lifting and transporting. It needs no electricity and can reduce the risk of injuries.

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