Why eCommerce Supply Chain Requires Plastic Pallets & Containers?

Online shopping has changed a lot of things, especially in eCommerce and distribution. To create a sustainable eCommerce supply chain it has become essential to use professional packaging. For some time, traditional packaging material – cardboard boxes offered convenience to distributors and retailers for delivery and shipment. They said they did not have time to source any other material because consumers expect quick or next-day order delivery.

Companies with eCommerce experience adapted professional packaging. They said it was not impeding fast order delivery. On the other hand, reliable packaging solutions like plastic pallets & containers enhanced the speed of the picking & delivery process. Paired with employing a reliable pallet inverter purchased from Top industries can increase efficiency and productivity.

How will plastic pallets & containers help in eCommerce supply chain management?

When orders are made and paid online, a notification pops up within sales and warehousing software. The warehousing staff starts moving to pick up the bulk orders from their local distribution center. Foldable large containers and plastic pallets will be used to place the orders that will be split later for different clients.

The facility will assign deliveries to a different transport or courier service. The orders are contained in nestable containers, which mean no need for packing, unpacking, or repacking. The majority of the task is performed using an automatic machine system integrated within conveyor belts and other material handling equipment.

Why eCommerce supply chain requires plastic pallets & containers?

Loaded wooden pallets are susceptible to breakdown when they are shipped or transported and need replacements. The unreturnable packaging materials process defined below involves plenty of packaging waste. Each time a bulk of regional orders is separated into individual packages, the product has to be unpacked from huge cardboard boxes and put into small cardboard boxes. The process takes time.

The expectations of the next day delivery goal are hard to fulfill. Therefore, switching to reliable packaging solutions is the need of this era. Some good reasons eCommerce supply chain needs to adapt plastic pallets & containers.

Quick access without sacrificing reliability

Bulk container transferred to the main distribution center contains single or multiple products to be delivered to a different destination. The cardboard boxes need to be opened to access the order. Once the seal is opened, they lose its reliability and sturdiness. The large foldable container is equipped with an ergonomic sleeve door for easy opening and quick access.

Extra safety

Cardboard boxes encounter serious damage to the products contained inside when it is accidentally dropped. A time crack makes the packed product not suitable for delivery. The product is returned and this can dissatisfy the clients and they may never return to buy.

Plastic containers protect products in the busiest eCommerce supply chain environment. The items within are kept safe from mechanical shocks and are capable to handle rough use.

Space saving solution

In peak season, when there is a massive increase in orders, eCommerce shops need to stay prepared with a vast inventory. Large stocks need more storage space and using space-saving packing solutions like nestable pallets and foldable containers is helpful. Space can be optimized using a vertical stacking solution quickly.

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