Why Metal Recycling Systems?

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As metal prices continue to grow, you also need robust metal recycling oakland ca systems to increase your industry output volumes whilst sustaining the quality of the end products. Metals may be recycled several times without losing their characteristics. According to the American Iron and Steel Institute, steel is the most recycled material globally. Aluminium, copper, silver, brass, and gold are highly recycled metals.

If you desire turnkey solutions for your industry infrastructure, engineered metal recycling systems and metal recycling schaumburg il are the best to provide leading metal and scrap machines. They include:

Chopping Machines ACR for Metal Recycling Systems 

Scrap aluminium copper radiators are copper and aluminium radiators. The exterior fins will be aluminium, while the internal tubes will be made of copper. Our methods extract copper from aluminium. ACR systems collect ferrous tramp metal from the product stream before it enters processing equipment. It is installed on vibratory or gravity feed systems, and the wedge holds ferrous metal as the product goes over it.

Primary Shredder

The blade of the metal shredder is constructed of high-strength alloy steel, which has excellent wear resistance and strength. The differential speed between the shafts performs ripping, squeezing, and biting operations. It is appropriately built for metal crushing. The design benefits from consistent discharge, high power, and minimal noise. The electrical component uses PLC control, with automated overload detection and other features.

The metal shredder primarily depends on the “shear and cut” concept to finish crushing solid trash. The motor powers the reducer, which transmits torque to the crusher’s movable knife through the knife roller shaft, and the movable knife’s knife hook hooks the material down. Tear, the opposing roller’s blade chops up solid trash like scissors, and crushed and pre-screened materials are ejected from the crusher’s bottom.

Granulator Metal Recycling Machine

Copper is the metal that delivers the highest cash for scrap yards in the scrap metal recycling san diego ca sector. Copper is desirable in a manner that many other metals are not because of its excellent elasticity or ability to be shaped into wire.

Functions of the granulator


The granulator begins with discarded copper wire, nearly all of which is insulated. You can rely on the granulator to accomplish the job when dealing with large amounts of scrap wire. The wiring, insulation and everything will be fed into the granulator. It will be significantly more efficient to feed using a belt conveyor.


The cable granulator will go to work as soon as scrap wires or cables are put into it. Cable scrap will be cut into plastic fragments and copper granules.

Integrated copper cable granulator recycles automobile wires, communication cables, and other wires and cables. Feeding scrap cables might have a diameter of less than 19mm. The machine works well with single conductors with diameters ranging from 0.5 to 25mm.


The next step is to separate the precious copper from the plastic rubbish. This is a critical stage; with poor quality machinery, recyclers might lose over 15% of their copper due to inaccurate trash sorting. That is essentially wasting money. But don’t worry; the copper wire granulator machine has a copper recycling rate of at least 99 per cent, ensuring the quality of the copper.

This dry integrated copper cable granulator separates copper granules from the front outlet and plastics from the rear outlet after air and vibration separation. Dust is transported to the dust collector by an air duct.

To Sum Up

ERS is the industry leader in dust collection, metal separation, and trim removal systems and is comprised of the industry’s top engineers and system integrators, incorporating the finest equipment technology, extensive industry knowledge, and expertise, allowing ERS or other metal recycling center orange ca to provide customers with the world’s most advanced and innovative integrated systems.


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