Year-Round Pond Maintenance Requirements

Keeping a backyard pond healthy and safe for your family and for the environment takes time throughout the year. It doesn’t have to be difficult, but some tasks need to be done on a regular basis to make sure debris doesn’t build up, algae don’t bloom and fish don’t die. Here are some of the items that need to be on your pond upkeep checklist.

Clear Natural Debris

If you have the opportunity to choose the location of your pond before it’s installed, place it in a location away from as many trees as possible to lower the amount of raking required. Trees will drop sticks and leaves into the pond that need to be removed to prevent the parts from settling on the bottom of the pond. Once the sediment becomes too deep, you have to hire dredging services near me to clean up the mess.

Check the Water

Checking the chemical levels of the pond water can help you prevent an overload of nutrients that can cause algae blooms. Too much of one substance can destroy plants, fish and any other creatures that come to your backyard habitat for food and water. You also need to keep the water levels up after evaporation happens, which means it needs filling more often during hot months.

Inspect Pond Equipment

Proper pond filtration depends on functional equipment. You need to look at the filters, lines, pumps and other items built into your system. Checking the equipment can help you notice minor problems before they become expensive repairs. Replace the filters and patch leaks as needed.

Add a Variety of Plants

Plants can help you filter the nutrients and increase the oxygen in the pond water. The types of pond plants you add need to match your environment and your aesthetic preferences.

Enjoy your pond all year long when you take the time to properly maintain this backyard environment.

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