4 Tips for Choosing the Right Data Centre Builder

If you need a data centre built for your company, you need trustworthy people to construct it. After all, that building will hold critical IT infrastructure and data that your company needs. But how do you pick the right data centre construction company for the job? Here are four things to consider when choosing your data centre builders.

  1. Be sure you know what you want.

There are many data centre companies in Singapore, but not all provide the same service. Some only do consultations, while others only do maintenance work. Read their information closely, and when in doubt, ask!

  1. Look for certification.

A data centre builder should be CDCP and CDCS certified to ensure they can provide high-quality services to your data centre. CDCP stands for Certified Data Centre Professional, while CDCS stands for Certified Data Centre Specialist. Don’t be afraid to ask the company if all of its employees are certified. Only experienced and innovative individuals should be part of your data centre construction.

  1. Check for a portfolio.

Have they done similar projects in the past? Try to ask for a portfolio during a data centre consultancy appointment with the company. They should at least be able to tell you about the other data centres they’ve helped construct in the past. Look at pictures if they provide any, and ask about any features they helped include in the data centre.

  1. Check their time management.

Building a data centre in Singapore for your company is critical and should be treated with time sensitivity. The delays in data centre construction may result in losses for the company. Make sure the company follows any schedules or deadlines set during the project.

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