5 Sites to Convert SVG Files to JPG Online

In this guide we will show you 5 sites to convert SVG files to JPG online: they will be very useful if you happen to have to convert this format without installing programs and directly from your browser. All you need, in fact, is an Internet connection and of course an SVG file to convert. Most of these sites even allow you to convert multiple files due to the presence of the batch, in various available formats. Then there are as always some distinctive features such as automatic conversion, access to cloud servers and so on.

1. AnyConv

AnyConv is an authentic institution, not only as regards the best sites for converting SVG to JPG online, but in general, if we talk about conversions in various formats. We don’t hide that it is our favorite platform: you can convert two files at a time in batch, and queue the others, automating the whole chain. In addition, there is a very large maximum limit for files (50 MB) and literally an avalanche of available output formats.

2. Jpeg.io

Jpeg.io is another excellent portal to convert SVG to JPG online: we like it precisely for its very usable user interface, and for the possibility of simultaneously converting many SVG files. To the point that it seems there are no limits on the number of files that you can upload and convert together. Then, once converted, the website will give you a series of links that you can use to download the file or to share it with whoever you want. You can even save them all together in ZIP archive format, using the appropriate button. In addition, you can also upload files from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive. There is no mention of a size limit for files.

3. CloudConvert

CloudConvert also deserves many covers: it is certainly one of the best sites to convert SVG files to JPG online, also because it allows you to upload them in bulk and convert them simultaneously. It should also be added that you will not find other websites so full of additional options, especially as regards the methods of uploading files: you can in fact upload them from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and even OneDrive. Another spatial feature is the fact that you can upload files up to a maximum of 1 GB, which is really a lot. Then it is full of other very useful features, however most of them are accessible only by subscribing to a subscription plan (therefore not free).

4. OnlineConverter.com

If you need a simple SVG to JPG converter, then you will find Online Converter very useful. This website, in fact, can convert only one file at a time, but it is very fast in doing so. In addition, you can upload a file up to a maximum size of 100 MB, and upload it from an online link or from your PC. Finally, Online Converter has an absolutely unique feature: you can set the width and height of the output file, and everything works perfectly. As you can see, even if he is not the best converter on the square, he knows how to be respected.

5. Online-convert.com

Online-convert.com is another very popular and used website in the field of conversions, and also includes the SVG format. As in the previous case, this platform can convert only one file at a time, but it also has options for uploading from Dropbox or Google Drive. Among the most useful options, you can customize the size of the image and, for example, change its colors and grayscale. Finally, youhave a maximumfilelimitof 100 MB.

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