Customized services that Singapore offers for your business

Every mature country to run a business is known for their investor friendly government policies. A prosperous country like Singapore is one of such. The country has very well defined process for starting a business. Be it local investments or foreign ones, Singapore has scope for everyone. The foreign investments must go through the correlated steps to set up the business which help from small investors to giant ones. Local investors can go about the business registration process by themselves. But the legal and operational steps associated with this are a mammoth task for any individual. It is advisable to take a help of incorporation consultants. For the foreign investors must go though incorporation consultants for their initiation of business. 

Consultations for home and foreign investments 

So what role do incorporation consultants play? They are here to start your business and do every formality on behalf of you. They take a charge for their services and make your business ready to go. The firm Singapore Company Incorporation Consultants Pte Ltd is there to provide you with that kind of service. The basic services that they provide are:

  • Dealing with The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) formalities and fee.
  • Company business profile and constitution.
  • Company secretariat services.
  • Organizing first board meeting.
  • Software services for little duration according to the contract.

 These are the core services to offer for locals as well as foreigners. The firm is responsible for another bouquet of services for only international investments. They are:

  • Nominee directors
  • Subsidiary company
  • Representative office
  • Singapore holding company

Foreign startups must opt for at least one or all of these services to start a business in Singapore. They must go though the consultants only to start the business as they are neither residents of the country or do not have a registered office in Singapore.  So consultants are there to start the business for you.

Food business and associated certifications

To manage a food chain business you do not need to cross some extra hurdle. But need some proper certification. Food safety certificate is important for every country. In addition to that it is a good idea to go for the halal certification. There are authorities who guides with cooking following the Sharia law. That is how Muslim consumers will be interested for the cuisines. There is the agency that is authorized to do that. They have all the expertise in the world to make the necessary adjustments in the food preparation to get you halal certified. 

Creating the brand image with website and logos

It is important to introduce the business to the consumer. With the help of you can create the all round promotion of your business. They are best at jobs like graphics design, logo design, PR and marketing. They will provide the look and feel to the business the way exactly you want them to. The website design is also their part of job. One can go for their individual services or go for a package deal.

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