Best Cutting Disc Nigeria

Cutting discs or (cut-off wheels) are obtained from solid abrasive disc. Cutting discs are used for cutting metal. They consist of an abrasive mix of grit and adhesive which develops into a rigid and thin disc with fiber webbing running through it and makes its strong.

Various types of Cutting discs

  • Cutting discs
  • Grinding discs
  • Diamond cutting discs
  • Flap discs
  • Fibre sanding discs
  • Wire brushes
  • Cup wheels (ceramic)
  • Assortments for angle grinders
  • Accessories for flat-head angle grinders
  • Accessories for Inox angle grinders
  • Diamond drill bits
  • Diamond cup grinding wheels
  • Cleaning fleeces
  • Semi-flexible sanding sheets
  • Further accessories for angle grinders

Cutting discs that are use for applications made from stainless steel/steel

  • M-Calibur
  • Flexiarapid Super Inox
  • Flexiarapid / Flexiamant Inox
  • Novorapid Inox
  • Combinator Inox
  • Flexiarapid Super Universal

Cutting discs that are used for application made from aluminium

  • Flexiamant Super aluminium
  • Flexiarapid aluminium

Cutting discs that are used for applications made from stone

  • Flexiamant super stone
  • Novoflex stone

Top Brand in Cutting Disc

  • Metabo
  • Tailin

Industries where cutting discs are required:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Industrial maintenance, Industry services
  • Special vehicle manufacturing
  • Ship construction
  • Steel construction
  • Plant engineering
  • Offshore
  • Wind power
  • Power plant construction and maintenance

Hamad Al Owais Machinery Trading(HALOWAIS) is a 24 year aged company that is dealing in best cutting discs in Nigeria, Middle East, and Africa. Over the years, owing to its strong Customer network; Hamad Al Owais has successfully launched and managed a wide range of Metabo products. At Hamad Al Owais we believe in simply just Quality and hence when this trading wing of a manufacturing group was branched out it was decided to start with Metabo, a well-known OEM to big brands of the power tools industry.


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