Best Industrial Power Tools in Nigeria

Power tools can be  bifurcated as Industrial power tools or domestic / home appliances. Industries use power tools in construction, cutting, drilling driving (fasteners), sanding, shaping, routing, polishing or heating. Domestic power tools are generally used in the garden, for housework, or cooking and cleaning.

If you do a search, you will find lots of different types of power tools are available out there, and all have different purpose of use.

Halowais is major manufacturer and supplier of best handa tools and power tools in Nigeria.

Power tools have long been convenient equipments for various industries, helping workers from all sorts of disciplines. Power tools have special features like electric motors which help eliminate strenuous, manual labor. Major two options of industrial power tools available are:

  • Cordless Power Tools
  • Batter witches Power Tools

Metabo Power tools and Hand tools by Halowais

Top Brands for Power tools and Hand Tools in Nigeria

Metabo Hand tools – Metabo was derived from the task metal drill. Metabo is a global company with more than 2000 employees spread diversely in almost all locations.

Metabo offers sustainable Power and hand tools and accessories to Industries deliverg value. Metabo offers an extensive range for professional users focused on the competence areas of metal industry and metal trades, construction trades and renovation

Plarad Power tools – Plarad was founded in 1962. Plarad is a genuine manufacturer brand and attaches great importance to extensive, global customer proximity.  Plarad power tools like electric nutrunner, battery nutrunner, pneumatic nutrunner, hydraulic torque wrenches, tensioner, electric hydraulic power packs,  pneumatic hydraulic power packs, measurement & testing, manual torque multiplier, accessories are popular supplied globally.

EGAMASTER – EGA Master is a manufacturer of high quality industrial power tools and hand tools located in the Basque Country, the industrial heartland of Spain. Although originally born as specialists in Piping Tools, the company has steadily diversified into other fields offering now the broadest range for the most demanding industries such as oil & gas, mining, aerospace, automotive or civil engineering, supplying hand tools. The safety is the watch word  of EGAMASTER and using EGA Master tools has helped industries maintain theri service values over the years. EGA Master Tools are absolutely amazing tools in terms of value in safety, convenience and versatility.

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