Check Driving License Status Through State Govt. Website In # Easy Steps

A driving license is one of the notable ID proofs a citizen acquires from the government. While its primary purpose is to legalize the driving ability of a person, it is also accepted as ID proof in banks, hotels, passport offices, and other official departments. Therefore, its significance is quite high for every individual, especially the ones who drive regularly. Considering all these aspects, the government has taken initiatives to promote online driving license applications. With this service, one can apply and check his driving license status online in a few simple steps. 

How does this process work? – a common question applicants ask who have never used this online service. Well, the government of India hosts an online portal in association with all RTOs to help citizens get their driving license status online. The motto is to digitize this entire process and uncomplicate it for working individuals. Follow the given steps to check driving license status through the state government website, and to know more, click here

Easy Steps To Check Driving Licence Status Using State Govt. Website 

Online procedures do not take much time as long as one has fast internet connectivity. The state governments of India are putting in every possible effort to smoothen online driving license application services. Here are the simple steps applicants need to follow to reap the benefits. 

  • Visit the state government transport department website on the browser. 
  • Find the driving license services tab on the homepage. 
  • Click on the drop-down menu and select the “application status” tab. 
  • Enter the required details, including the application number, Date of Birth, and permanent address. 
  • Click submit to view the current status. 

Alternatively, one can also check the Parivahan website hosted by the central government. The steps are almost similar on this portal as well. 

Factors To Consider Before Verifying The Status 

One must be very careful while applying and checking the driving license status online. Here are a few factors that you must consider. 

  • Use the official website to check the status and enter the details carefully. 
  • One may choose to use a third-party website but he must ensure its reliability before considering the updates. 
  • Check the date or mentioned driving license status thoroughly. Also, check the status frequently to stay updated as the information is uploaded at certain intervals. 

Basic Facts About Driving Licence Online Status Update 

If the driving license application is delayed or on hold, one does not need to panic. These delays are quite common. Here are a few facts that every applicant must know. 


  • The entire application and approval process of a permanent driving license takes around a month or more. 
  • The driving license is delivered at the registered or permanent address of the applicant. If one lives in another city for work purposes, he must ensure there is an authorized person available at home to collect the delivery. In some cases, delivery people do not hand over the package to random individuals. 
  • Since the government is making constant efforts to digitize this entire procedure, the website may take time to update the information. If the server is down, it is better to try again after some time. 
  • If one receives a torn, damaged, or defective driving license, he must return the parcel and reapply online for a duplicate copy. 

The online application facility has made it easier and faster for applicants to check their driving license status. One just has to follow the given steps and pay attention to every detail available on the website. In case of any doubts, visit a third-party website to get a detailed understanding of the application status. Legalize driving skills to the best of one’s convenience! 

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