Tips For Safe Fun In Your HOA Pool

Life in an HOA can be great. There are various pros of living in a planned community, and one of them is getting access to useful amenities. Perhaps one of the favorite amenities of kids is the pool. Being in the pool with your family and playing pool games can be a great way to spend your summer days. However, if you are not careful, many accidents can take place in the water. 

Pool safety is essential mostly for children as their legs are not long enough to help them get to the surface of the water. Moreover, not all kids know how to swim, which poses more threats. Therefore, it is essential to take specific steps to ensure safety in your HOA swimming pool. If your HOA is struggling with creating and enforcing rules, you can take assistance from Scottsdale HOA management companies

Tips for safe fun in your HOA pool

  • Consider hiring a lifeguard – Hiring a lifeguard is the most efficient way of keeping everyone safe. If your HOA has the budget, consider hiring a lifeguard. If your community is big and there is always a crowd at the pool, you may need to employ multiple guards. You can also change the number of guards depending on the season. For example, there may be fewer people at the pool during winters than in summers. 
  • Educate homeowners and HOA staff on life-saving techniques – Hazards can happen at times when you least expect them. Therefore, it is wise for everyone in the community to learn some life-saving techniques to use in emergencies. These may include CPR and first aid. 
  • Encourage swimming lessons – Learning how to swim can help avoid 90% of pool hazards. Board members should come up with events about the importance of learning to swim and offer swimming lessons for kids and adults inside the community. Learning how to swim lowers the risk of drowning, which is the leading cause of water accidents. 
  • Establish strict pool rules – Just like an HOA provides documents with a list of rules regarding the code of conduct of homeowners, they must also establish pool rules. These rules should be included in the governing documents and displayed on boards in various places around the swimming pool. Rules will decrease the chances of injuries. The HOA may also charge fines for breaking them.
  • Ensure maintenance of your pool – Make sure you do a regular inspection of your pool, especially during the busy seasons. Ensure all the equipment is in working condition, such as poles, covers, floats, and life preservers. 

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