What is a Louvred Roof?

Louvred roofs can be a drastic and very interesting change to your patio. It is a patio cover but a very versatile one, that allows you to enjoy your backyard area any season. Its design is neat, elegant, and simple, but it has different functions and can give a modern and luxurious look to your home.

The definition of louvred roofs

The most simple definition of louvred roofs is that they are patio covers, designed with slats. It is similar to the technology used for blinds or shutters but brought to another level. These slats are what make them special since they can be opened and closed at a touch of a button. The design is not so different from a regular patio cover, but it offers much more possibilities, such as rotation, that can allow you to customize it depending on weather conditions. It fully protects anything that is underneath it and you don’t have to worry about your belongings.

How does it work?

We are talking about smart systems, so if you’re a technology geek and like these kinds of innovations in your house, this is perfect for you. Your cellphone can be a remote control in this case. It is highly recommended that a louvred roof be installed by a professional for its optimal performance. You wouldn’t like to mess something up on an element that is pretty pricey and is supposed to function well and last for many years. Also, professionals have architects in their team, so they can make it integrate with the rest of the house. Although its purposes are mostly practical, it’s good to make it aesthetically pleasing if possible.

Materials used for louvred roofs

The materials used for the louvred roof are of premium quality, and we are talking about stainless steel and high-grade extruded aluminum components. It can be made out of wood or glass as well. The horizontal slats are angled so they can protect toys from rain, snow, or any other precipitation, but they allow ventilation. There are fixed and adjustable angles when it comes to louvres and needles to say, the adjustable ones give you more options since they can be rotated up to 180 degrees and this is especially handy for wind and sun rays protection. Some louvred roofs are made of plexiglass or plastic and they offer one benefit more, they can filter the light through but you won’t get sunburnt.

The benefits of louvred roofs

The louvred roofs can bring a new understanding of indoor and outdoor space since you can basically control when your patio will become an indoor space and when you can enjoy the sun and nice weather or when to keep it closed to protect you from rain. This gives so much freedom when it comes to organizing any family or friends’ gatherings. The louvred roof is like an upgraded pergola. Another benefit of louvred roofs is that your property will have a higher value on the real estate market so if you would consider selling your house in the future, it would be good to know this. To add some ambiance they can be upgraded with some LED lighting. This allows you to have a completely secluded winter area, lightened and even upgraded with some hot tub or any other element you like. Seclusion implies better privacy as well and the best thing is that you are completely in control of it.

Disadvantages of louvred roofs

One disadvantage could be the fact that it might not pay off since some people simply look for some shadow in their backyard. In that case, you can use a regular pergola. If you won’t actually enjoy all the benefits of the louvred roof, then it might not be a good bargain. The other disadvantage is the price, for those who are not willing to invest that much in outdoor covers. Also, some models are not that user-friendly and can become annoying, so we recommend you check everything before installing them.

Louvred roof maintenance

It is important to mention that louvred roofs can cost from several thousand dollars to 200$ per square foot. Since it’s not a small investment, people would like to know if the maintenance is costly too. The truth is that louvred roofs don’t require a lot of maintenance and you won’t have to spend a lot of money after installing them. This is another benefit that favors them.

Try to measure pros and cons and if your budget allows you to install a louvred roof that you would truly enjoy, don’t hesitate, since it offers many benefits. Think everything through and consult with professionals in home design to make everything perfect. It might be one of the best upgrades of your backyard or patio area and long-term benefits are many.

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