Buying Chemical Reagents For Molecular Study? Consider the Following!

Products and reagents play a crucial role in molecular study of cells. Their purity determines the success and accuracy of all the tests and studies conducted. Besides, they are manufactured and supplied at many biotech companies, but not all those companies supply high-quality products. The only parameters to consider whether or not a company supplies accurate products are listed below.

  • Companies like IVM biotech manufacture non-toxic materials. And these are the companies you should be making a purchase from.
  • High-quality reagents are eco-friendly.
  • Good companies keep the prices as low as possible whilst not compromising the quality of the products.
  • Esteemed companies pay attention to quality check before the products can be dispatched for delivery.
  • Lastly, prefer companies that offer good customer support services.

That being so, the list below makes a mention of some high quality reagents and products at IVM Biotech that you could consider buying for the sake of accuracy.

  1. Cell Culture Applications

IVM Biotech cell culture applications are basically detection kits. The 3 exclusive kits that they supply are listed below.

  • Mycoplasma Detection Kit – The primary function of this kit is to find out the presence of mycoplasmas in cell culture assay being studies. Its USP is that it is capable of detecting no less than 117 species of mycoplasmas. The samples for this kit are mostly derived from cell lysates and DMSO frozen cells. Lastly, it is so sharp that it can easily detect even 1 fematogram mycoplasma DNA.
  • Cell Transfection Kit – If you are looking forward to buying a kit for gene delivery, then this transfection kit is a suitable option. It can easily transfer DNA and RNA in the cells under study. Their greatest value is that they do not affect the accuracy of the assay even if it contains antibiotics and serums. Thereby, there’s no cytotoxic activity recorded. Just 1 ml of this solution can insert about 1 mg DNA and RNA traces in cell lines and primary target cells under study.
  1. Western Blot Applications

When it comes to gel solutions required to make gels for western blot applications, you can consider the following few types.

  • Premix SDS-PAGE gel solution.
  • Swiftgel SDS-PAGE gel solution.
  • Premix standard grade-gel solution.
  • Premix peco-grade gel solution.
  • Primary antibody Affinity-enhancing buffer.

A few other IVM reagents worth buying are listed below.

  1. Non-radioactive EMSA kit
  2. DNA ladders
  3. Gel staining dyes
  4. Safe fluorescent RNA loading dyes

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