Choosing Equipment for Your New Business

When you’re beginning a new business, you focus on the products that you will sell and how you will reach your market. However, you must also prioritize the equipment that you will need to produce and distribute your products. Make sure to order equipment in the following areas.

Universal Essentials

No matter your industry, you need certain essentials before you can open your business. Make sure that your workspace has a landline telephone with service. If your office and manufacturing location are in different places, then you will need a phone for each site. Have safety equipment such as an automated external defibrillator (AED), fire extinguisher and first aid kit easily accessible. Your building should also have internet access so that you can keep up with customers’ electronic requests as well as your business’s website and social media. Install equipment such as a water fountain or sink that allows your employees to get potable water. Finally, you must have toilets and sinks that are available to both genders.

Company-Specific Needs

In addition to these essentials, you must purchase equipment that is specific to your company’s purpose. For example, if you specialize in medical printing, you cannot open your doors without medical-grade printers with reliable end seals. Other businesses will require less specialized equipment. Companies that sell products such as office supplies need the equipment to produce and package each item. However, in the office space, you will simply need computers and desks so that salespeople can carry out their jobs. Spend some time planning out exactly what kinds of equipment you will need and where they will be installed.

Purchasing equipment will be one of your largest expenses as you prepare your new business. Avoid a delayed opening by accounting for these purchases in your budget and schedule early on.

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