Company Registration Services: How Can I Register a Company in India

India is growing as an investor’s hub. Opening a company in the country is being seen as a great promise by entrepreneurs because of the ongoing economic and technological reforms, developing infrastructures, and the affordable, yet world-class workforce.

Registration Process in India for Foreigners: Streamlined, yet Confusing

Many of you may ask, how can I register a company? Well many people have engaged Morrison Consultant to help them register a company and you too can do the same by clicking asked one of the most popular Corporate Service Providers in Asia, who now have their own branch in the country, 3E Accounting India, regarding the requirements of most of their clients. According to them, registration in India is streamlined; simple, but it is long, so foreign investors usually find themselves dangling and traveling between offices without being able to focus on their core business idea.

Visiting various offices, writing numerous applications, preparing documents, and waiting for responses and reviews for weeks that can take to register a company isn’t just practical. Not to mention the things that you need to do after registering the firm, for example, applying for taxes, licenses, crafting the SPICe form, etc. With India company incorporation services, you will just have to worry about how you conduct your business. Every legal requirement will be overseen by your registration service provider.

Additionally, language can be a barrier, because even if most people in India speak English, they prefer communicating in their local languages. Small issues like this will be time-consuming and stressful, sucking off energy from the applicant.

Furthermore, as international investors need to open a private limited company, they need consultancy regarding hiring directors, availability of FDI, corporate licenses, etc. In such cases, you need to work with a corporate service provider which doesn’t only help to register a company, but also offers professional business advisory.

How Can I Register a Company in India: Work with a Corporate Service Provider

All in all, starting a company in India presents a lot of opportunities, but you are at risk of spending a lot of time and effort unnecessarily if you proceed to register your company yourself. This is true especially for a foreigner, so you should consider taking help from a reputed CSP (3E Accounting India is now available). You tell them your requirements, and they will register and do all the work post-registration, which means you can focus on the core business activities.

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