Simple Guide When Purchasing Sit Stand Desks

Many companies are moving from regular office desks to standing or sitting desks. This only happened after emphasizing the many benefits that sit and stand tables are associated with. The market for seating and standing desks is continuously evolving, and companies are releasing new ergonomic furniture to meet new demands. Sellers are constantly conducting market research to keep up with new market demands. 

Among the essential parts of the screening process is establishing criteria that will help you evaluate each sitting and standing table to determine if it suits your needs. This overview will help you get a basic understanding of sit stand desks at BFX Furniture


When buying a seating or standing table, any business’s main goal is to increase productivity and improve comfort at work. This is simply because you go from sitting to standing all the time while working. Most people choose to use adjustable standing desks to mitigate prolonged sitting effects, including neck and back pain, leg strains, wrist pain, and other musculoskeletal conditions. 

Ease of customization

It is always advisable to continue moving from standing to sitting several times per hour. Good seating and standing tables need to be easily adjusted to prevent people from sitting still. In most cases, if the table is too difficult to adjust, people will prefer to sit still.

Adjustment range

The adjustment range refers to the difference between the maximum and minimum table heights for sitting or standing. This is an essential factor to consider as it determines the people that the mind table can accommodate. If you are purchasing a particular stand-up or seating table for many employees of different heights, you need to make sure that your employees are within the height range.

Customer Reviews

Before deciding to purchase a particular seating and standing chair table for any purpose, it is essential to know what kind of experience people have had. Choose only smart tables with high ratings from previous buyers.

Quality of seating and standing tables

Design of seating or standing tables determines how long it will last. While people are tempted to buy cheap seating or standing tables, this is not always a good idea because you might end up buying a standing table that won’t last long before it breaks.


A beautiful design adds aesthetic value to the desk, making it a perfect fit for your workspace. Some reliable sources say employees are more motivated by working at a compact desk with an attractive design. Many companies offer customers a wide variety of designs. If you are a minimalist, choose a simple design with high functionality.

Ease of assembly

Most transducers for seated and standing models do not require assembly. However, if you purchase a full-fledged standing table, you may need to place the legs on top of the table. You may also need to connect a cable management tray.

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