Constantly educate yourself and Progress with Value Chain process

Take courses, attend conferences, and join a professional platform. The more you develop yourself as a professional, the broader your circle of contacts will become. Courses and training not only provide a nicely filled CV, you also get to know people from different sectors and in different positions in the business world. The nice thing about such a training situation is that everyone is a student, so you immediately have a topic for discussion. Just ask the question ‘why are you here?’ And you’re off.

Networking is a skill

It also applies to networking, as with so many things in life: practice makes perfect. Challenge yourself to do it more often and get better at it. In this way, you also have a nice asset in your hands during your next job interview: explaining that you are a good networker who knows the rules.

Profile yourself as an expert

By networking you can profile yourself as an expert in your field. By making an active contribution to the network in which you share your knowledge, you are an added value for your network. Talk about the usefulness and importance of your services and let them know what problem you solve for them. The more you are able to convey your added value to your network, the more credible you become.

Gaining confidence

The importance of networking lies mainly in gaining trust with your network. After all, you want people to purchase and promote your services. By networking you come into contact with other entrepreneurs who encounter the same doubts and challenges as yourself. Also, when you Visit you can explore the best options in value chain that you can utilize.


Doing business together

Finding a network of like-minded people makes it easy to spar with each other about entrepreneurship. Joining an entrepreneurial group makes it possible to share experiences and knowledge. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel yourself as much. Do you have a question about accounting or do you want to change something about your website? There must be a fellow entrepreneur who would like to provide you with a tip during a networking drink.

Networking delivers your customers

By networking you come into contact with entrepreneurs with a variety of services, which may well match your own services. You can possibly refer customers to friendly companies or take advantage of what is offered, which is very valuable.

Networking is a powerful tool for achieving goals. Networking is more than just having a chat with someone else. It is an instrument that you have to use consciously and carefully. Online networking will not replace offline networking. Nothing beats a face-to-face meeting. So do not just stay online, but agree with your network relations to have a coffee sometime.


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