How Should You Ideally Place the Counters Within the Stores?

When you are setting up a retail store, every small detail matters. Right from the store’s entrance, to the lighting, to where you are placing your counters. Every aspect has a role to play and we cannot deny how important store counters are in promoting the sales. In this article, we will help you with the strategic placement tips for the counters, display shelves, furniture, and the décor to help you convert more sales this season.

The counter design matters

The design of the counter and the vibe it gives off is very important. Hence, you can customize the entire counter section with vibrant colors and decoration that will be soothing to watch. You can choose your style of being professional or playful. The store’s personality is going to emerge right from how your counters are displayed.

Think about the checkout location

The location of the checkout counter is a rather important discussion which most of us skips. The location has a direct influence on customer purchases and how they feel within the entire store. As most shoppers tend to enter the store and take a right while they go inside, placing the counter on the left side is going to be beneficial. It should be in a position that will make the shopper travel most of your storage area to reach the checkout point. As a result, they can take a good look at what you have to offer to them.

Make the counter seasonal

You can use your counter to make the store look adaptive to seasonal changes. You can stock up these seasonal items on the counter and help the store look fresh and vibrant. This will also make the customers feel a bit fresher when they come in. During the days of special discounts and sales, you can try changing the décor. This will make the ambience more welcoming and you will see more footfalls.

Place popular items at the entrance

When the customers are entering the stores, help them make impulsive purchases by placing popular yet inexpensive items right there. You will be able to sell off more products through triggering their “buying thinking” and research reveals that customers would go on buying them. Every store needs to utilize this human psychology in their retail units.

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