Difference Between Linux Hosting and Windows hosting

Web hosting, when this word comes in our mind we need to choose Linux or Windows. Best Windows hosting or best Linux hosting. Let’s start with some basics and then we will discuss some deep dimensions of Linux hosting and Windows hosting.


Linux is an open-source operating system used worldwide to operate computers, mobile phones and many more. You can see it everywhere. So what makes Linux more popular, It’s the freedom of making changes in it. yes, you can make any kind of change you want as per your use.

So here comes a question, If Linux gives you the freedom to make changes in it then why people use windows. Because windows are cheaper than Linux. Linux is a part of Unix. Unix is an operating system and Linux is a part of it that is open source. Unix came into existence in 1969 in bell labs and Linux is the most popular part of Unix since then.

Linux is quite expensive as compared to windows.

Linux hosting vs Windows hosting


When you want to choose Web hosting you have to choose between Linux hosting and windows hosting. Linux hosting is an open-source hosting in which you have many kinds of freedoms.

Let’s discuss some know-how about Linux hosting.

Linux is an open-source hosting, What does this mean it means that you can do any changes in it as per your requirement if you have technical knowledge. You can also distribute copies of that changed software as you have full access to Linux.

History of Linux

In mid-90s bell labs found that they need an operating system for computer centers which were running many batch jobs. This was the year 1957 and BESYS was created to deal with the problem. In the year 1965 bell labs adopted third-generation computers and created Multics to support it. In 1969 they created UNICS(Uniplexed information and computing service) and then in the summer of 1969 Unix was developed.

Then many other software developments took place but in 1991 a student of Finland Linus Torvalds create Linux.

Features of Linux hosting

Linux server is very smooth and if any changes are made in it or other software are run through it, it does not need to be rebooted. You can make changes and run other things also on the go. And it will never slow down the speed. Many other things can be configured without restarting it.

Nowadays there are many service providers who provide Linux hosting at cheaper rates and many applications are included in it like e-commerce solutions, blogging software, databases, site builders, guest books and more.

If we talk about security Linux hosting is considered safe and secure. Although there are both pros and cons use or selection of Web hosting is up to you and type of usage you have.

On the other hand, Windows hosting is also available to give competition to Linux. Best Window hosting has its own place in the market. Windows hosting uses different script and database languages as compared to Linux.

The window has an advantage that if you want to add special window applications to your websites like ASP, .net script languages, Visual basics or Microsoft SQL databases you can do that in Windows and this facility is not present in Linux. If we talk about development, developing applications and web functionality is easier if your website is hosted under Window hosting because developers are more familiar with the Windows hosting environment.

If we see Windows hosting is much easy to use as compared to Linux hosting.Because developers are more familiar with the Windows framework. Windows hosting is compatible with commonly used programming languages like PHP and MySQL.

The website is the source that represents your business online and everyone wants there business to grow. If you are using Windows hosting for your website and your website is scaling up then the Windows server has the ability to adapt to the new platform.So we can say Scalability is one of the features of Windows hosting.

Microsoft regularly provides updates for the Windows server operating system. Windows hosting provides easy and handy to run websites as compared to Linux hosting. Now let’s see some comparison in the best windows hosting and Linux hosting.

Linux is open-source in which changes can be made and you gave the authority to distribute copy also. In Windows, you can add additional window applications like .net, etc. Linux is considered cheaper than Windows hosting. Windows hosting is more popular in the market than Linux. But it is all a matter of usage. Some say Windows hosting is better, on the other hand, some say Linux. But it all depends on what kind of usage you have.What is your website all about. Best Windows hosting or Linux hosting. both have there owned value. Choose as per your requirements.

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