Member’s Starter Kit: 7 Emojis You Can Use For Group Chat Discussion

In every group chat discussion, various types of emojis are widely presented. From smiling, annoyed, blushing faces, to thumbs up emojis, users are fond of using them to express the message they are intended to convey fully. By just using one, two, or more emojis, recipients will automatically know the emotion behind your statements. 

You may be wondering what are some of the appropriate emojis you can use on a group chat. The leader and your co-members have already presented their ideas through chats, but you’re stuck, trying to think about how to start your message. We have come up with this list of common emojis you can freely use during group meeting discussion. These can be your starter pack to start or even end the whole conversation. 

Thinking Face Emoji

Introduced in 2015, the think emoji is one of the most usual emoji used for group chat discussion, indicating that you are thinking about an idea, possible solutions, or causes to the problem. It also shows someone’s deep thoughts or skepticism. 

You can include the emoji on your message to show your active participation in the entire group. When someone raises an idea, send the emoji as your genuine reply. Or, when your leader provides the criteria for your group presentation, you can send some of these emojis to indicate that you are thinking of possible presentation ideas to obtain an excellent rating from your professors. Own the whole stage. 

Thumbs Up Emoji

This is a default yellow skin color emoji available on various platforms. A thumbs-up emoji portrays a human hand approval or agreement gesture― a complete opposite of the thumbs down emoji. This is often used when someone likes the idea of the recipient. Thus, you can utilize a thumbs-up emoji to show your interest or approval on your co-members idea. 

You can hit the like button on your messenger, long-press the message, choose the thumbs up icon, or find the emoji on your keyboard. Sending this emoji is one of the best ways to show your presence to the group chat, willing to participate in every discussion.  A simple like button can brighten up the day of the message sender. 

Person Raising Hand Emoji

This emoji was launched in 2010 and gave users a new social media discussion experience. A person raising hand emoji or raising the roof emoji indicates someone willing to participate in a group and even ask questions. The emoji has different icons on various platforms. 

With its easy-to-determine icon, the recipient will automatically know what you’re up to.  For example, if your leader is looking for some willing participants to do the first batch of the presentation, you can show your interest by sending the emoji to your group chat. Or, present your judgment on a particular idea by raising your hand first. 

Person Shrugging Emoji

Person shrugging emoji was introduced in 2016 with five color variations on different platforms. The emojis portrays a person raising both of her hands because of unknowingness to a specific subject or someone speaking. 

You can use this emoji if you don’t have an idea of what your group chat is talking about. Perhaps, you are new to the group or change the whole presentation plan while you are offline. It seems like you’re saying, “Hey, what’s going on here? Anyone care to explain?” 

Fire Emoji 

Across all social media platforms, a fire emoji was recognized as the 31st most used and popular emoji. Similar to other emojis introduced, this was also launched in 2010. A fire emoji may depict someone’s burning desire to make the whole group presentation successful. When someone sends a motivational quote on your group chat, you can reply to the quote by sending a  fire emoji. 

Rolling In The Floor Laughing  Face Emoji

This may not be the most usual emoji when discussing a presentation plan. However, this is useful when you want to break the too serious discussion by sending a joke. This makes the conversation light. There are certain moments where we need a break. 

Red Heart Emoji

Aside from the thumbs up emoji or like button, you may also use this red heart emoji to show your approval to someone’s idea. Sending this emoji means that you recognized someone’s effort to create and share his concept with the whole group without hesitation. 

Final Thoughts

Employing an emoji on messages makes the whole conversation lighter. Recipients will easily recognize your intentions behind texts. A single emoji carries your entire message. You can show your eagerness to participate by sending an appropriate emoji on your group chat. Send a fire emoji to showcase your burning desire, send your thumbs up to make an approval, or simply raise your hand for queries. You are free to select what is best for your messages.

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