Drowsiness Detection System: How to Stay Awake When Driving

One of the reasons for vehicular accidents on the road is falling asleep behind the wheel. Drowsiness makes the driver less aware and alert of their surroundings. It is the reason why among the key features of a fleet management system is to detect drowsiness.

But besides a drowsiness detection system, there are other tips to stay awake behind the wheel:

1. Rest before your drive.

If you have a long-distance drive tomorrow, be sure to have adequate sleep at night. More than eight hours of sleep is enough. Plenty of rest guarantees you are energised for the long drive the next day.

2. Do not drink before driving.

The influence of alcohol makes you sleepy, less alert, and definitely not fit for driving. Drinking coffee after alcohol to make you ‘awake’ enough to be behind the wheel is a myth. It gives a false sense of security and will likely get the driver into accidents. A vehicle tracking system in Singapore has features that can detect drowsiness.

3. Have a companion.

On a long-distance journey, there should be at least two drivers in the car. They can switch up driving while the other is sleeping or resting. It is safer for the passengers and the road sharers.

4. Take breaks

It is advisable to take a break every two hours. The driver can take this time to stretch and walk to get rid of the sleepiness. They can also buy coffee that can keep them awake. A vehicle GPS trackingcould help during a long distance-journey.

5. Don’t drive when you’re sleepy.

If you are really sleepy, don’t push yourself to drive. Pull over at a safe spot and take a 20 to 30-minute nap until you feel refreshed enough to drive again.

Safety should be your number one priority. Never put your life at risk by driving without sleep.

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