Easy Steps to Have Online Giving in Small Churches

There could be many reasons why people are unable to visit churches regularly. Even if they can attend the church, they are not people who prefer not to carry cash. Hence, they are unable to offer to give even if they would like to. In such cases, church online giving is the best solution. It is not necessary that the church has to be big to include this solution. Since it is quite reasonably priced, even a small church can have it. There are simple steps that need to be followed to get an online giving solution.

First Step: Choose a Suitable Provider

The most complicated step is to choose a provider who will be able to collect your money online and reroute it to your bank account. They should also be able to provide you with customer service support and other additional services. The price of the companies differs and depends on the services provided by them. You can take reference, do an online search, get reviews, etc. to choose the best provider.

Communicate with the People of your Church

You must communicate with the people you are targeting or the people of your church. Not everyone is comfortable using online portals to offer donations. Make sure that you update them with the process and authenticity of the whole thing. If they face any issues, then assist them.

Make a Note of all the Contributions

One of the benefits of having online giving is that the contributions can come directly to the church’s bank account. You can check the record of the contributions made either on a monthly or a weekly basis. Doing this electronically can be faster and easier for a smaller church that does not have much manpower to dedicate to this task.

Give Options to People for Contribution

When you are asking for contributions, make sure that you give people the option between cash and online contribution. Since people have their preferences, it becomes easy for them to contribute if they have options.

Acknowledge the Contributors of the Church

When you receive contributions, make sure to acknowledge the people who have contributed to the church. If they are doing it online, then you can also generate an automated message that is sent to them on making an online contribution. This will make them feel nice and you will also know who contributes.

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