Transporting a Cargo: Situations when do you need Decking Beam and Load Bars? 


If you own a logistics company, you probably already know that the safety of any cargo that your company transports has a direct impact on its competitiveness and corporate strategies. Cargo damage resulting from mishandling of items during transport or storage not only translates to huge financial losses for your company but also delays your logistical operations. 

Accordingly, cargo safety is a critical issue, especially when it comes to maximizing your company’s logistic efficiencies. You should, therefore, take the necessary measures to mitigate potential damages that may occur when handling your clients’ cargo. And when it comes to proper handling of cargo, some of the tools and accessories you should invest in are decking beam and load bars. Made of steel or aluminum, these sturdy bars help you organize and secure your cargo in place. 

So, when should you opt for decking beam and load bars? Well, let’s find out. 

  1. When There Is Risk Of Cargo Moving Or Falling 

You should use decking beam and load bars when you suspect that there is a high risk of the loads shifting or falling during transit. The beams and bars will prevent the cargo from shifting and damaging the interior of your truck or other items rolling if your truck hits a bump or rolls over a curb. It is also critical to ensure that the beams and bars are secured in place before you set off. Failure to do so may result in a lot of damages. 

Pro Tip: Consider the weight of the load when using decking beams and load bars. Have a rough idea of how much your loads weigh and use the recommended type and number of beams and bars. To safely secure the cargo, the combined working load limit (or WLL) of the bars should be more than the weight of the load itself. 

  1. If You Want To Increase The Usable Space In The Cargo Area 

You can also use decking beam and load bars to boost your usable space area by using multiple load bars at the same height and intervals within your tracking and laying a suitable decking material to create an additional floor. Just ensure that the weight of your cargo doesn’t exceed the horizontal WLL of your logistic bars. 

Safety Tip: Remember to secure each load bar against the sidewall of your trailer when they are not in use. If left loose on the decking or floor, trailer load bars often become projectiles in case the truck/trailer is involved in an accident. You can secure the load bars using a bungee, strap, or extending etrack bars in your tracking. 


Improperly secured loads run the risk of being damaged, scratched or dented by knocking against each other or on the sides of your trailer. If you want to maintain the structural integrity of your cargo, invest in decking beam and load bars to help you secure the cargo and provide maximum protection against potential damages when items shift or fall during transport. 

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