Transform your business with right partner

In today’s digital era, digital transformation has become mandatory for businesses of all types, sizes and industries. With the advancement of technology ever new application, program, software has been introduced in the marketplace to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the business. A typical example would be the growing popularity of employee time tracking app used for project tracking and process optimization. But there are many businesses across the globe who struggle to integrate smoothly and successfully their core (legacy) systems to digital services and eventually compromise with the overall performance of their business. Now with the best legacy API Integration Company such as OpenLegacy every business can get best API solution as per their specific business objective. Choosing the right partner that has been helping businesses to transform digitally with latest application and program can significantly reduce your cost of operation and improve productivity and speed.

Make an informed decision

Building and maintain application efficiently is one of the biggest challenge that most of the modern businesses face. Hence the concept of microservices which focus on decomposing or dividing the entire application into a set of manageable services is becoming extremely popular. Services in the form of separate chuck of code are relatively easy to deploy, re-deploy, built and manage independently. Moreover, any issue with a particular microservice doesn’t hamper the functioning of the entire system and the isolation of the fault in the single independent code is more quick and easy. Some of the other benefits that can be expected from effective microservices are

  • Flexibility in Using Technologies and Scalability
  • Autonomous, Cross-functional Teams
  • Organized Around Business Capabilities
  • Enhances Business Agility

Attain scalability and agility

Investing in API is a worth decision that could save you significant amount of time, effort and money in long run. But as the marketplace is flooded with excellent, average and poor performance API hence it is crucial to focus on the key features such as Modification timestamps/ Search by criteria, Paging, Sorting, Good documentation, JSON support / REST, Authorization via OAuth, etc. and then decide accordingly. Launching an API can provide you ample of benefits such as

  • Increase revenue
  • Extend customer reach and value
  • Support sales and marketing activities
  • Stimulate business and technical innovation
  • Ease integration of backend data and applications

Evaluate performance

The effectiveness and success of the API integration largely depends on the experience and expertise of the API software provider. Hence before choosing any company compare the company ethic, price, implementation/deployment speed, range of API options offered, clients’ list, case studies, etc. and then choose the right company.

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