How to find a car accident lawyer in Colorado Springs?

Hundreds of car accident cases, collisions, and crashes are reported in and around Colorado Springs every year. If you ever get injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault (at least not majorly your fault), you can file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver at fault. Colorado is an at-fault state, but it also follows the modified comparative negligence rule. If you had a share of blame, your awarded compensation will be reduced, as per your percentage of fault. Auto accidents are usually complicated, and without legal expertise, it can be hard to get a fair settlement. That’s exactly why hiring a car accident lawyer Colorado Springs is so important. Here’s how you can find a good lawyer. 

  1. Ask around. If you know friends, family members, or people who have worked with personal injury lawyers in the past, get references. Make sure that the lawyers you shortlist have experience of handling car accident cases. 
  2. Check online. Websites like Avvo are really handy for finding best-rated accident lawyers in Colorado. You can check for reviews and testimonials to find a few that are worth interviewing. 
  3. Meet the lawyer. Keeping the ongoing pandemic in mind, many accident lawyers are offering online consultation, but you can consider meeting them in person. The first meeting with an attorney is the most important one, because you get to know your circumstances better. Top lawyers always offer a basic outline and assessment of the case. 

Mistakes to avoid

  1. Don’t delay. You don’t want to wait for months to call a lawyer after your accident. Crucial evidence and details would be gone by then. Ideally, call your car accident lawyer before starting the insurance claims process. 
  2. Don’t micromanage. Don’t try to tell your lawyer about how you want things to be done. That’s not the ideal way to work with a professional. Yes, you can expect your lawyer to give you updates, but let them do their job. 
  3. Don’t call too frequently. While it’s important that you have access to the law firm you have hired, keep in mind that car accident lawyers are busy people. Do not call your lawyer every now and then. 

Final word

Make sure that you share everything with your attorney in depth. Your lawyer will do their share of investigation to establish fault and liability, and having a honest relationship with them will only help your case in the right ways. 

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