How To Get Biotech Jobs

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Biotechnology is a vast field that’s constantly evolving and growing. It combines biology with engineering and technology, and has its uses and applications in agriculture, medicines, and many other sectors. Consequently, the job opportunities in biotechnology are varied as well as diverse. Also, biotech jobs are recession-proof. This is why many modern individuals wish to make a lucrative career in this field. If you’re one such individual, here are handy tips to find and land a great job.

Complete a degree

Getting a degree is the base of making a remunerative career in biotechnology. For that, you ought to complete your basic academic education. Usually, a basic intermediate degree is needed to go for engineering in biotechnology. You could also opt for a diploma after your high school education. Once you pass the diploma, you can go for a degree.

No matter which option you choose, be sure you pursue the degree to learn the field. Remember, passing an exam is one thing, but learning the field is another thing. Some folks score good grades in exams but lack the necessary knowledge. The applications of these folks are offend turned down by potential employers. Although the demand for jobs in the biotechnology field is increasing at an alarming pace, you need to be knowledgeable in your subject.

If you lack knowledge, you won’t land a job. Even if you land an entry-level job, you won’t scale much. It’s likely that your employer may remove you from the position once he finds an ideal candidate. So be wary of this point and act accordingly.

Pursue related courses

Once you complete your degree, you can apply for a suitable position and get hired quickly. However, it’s advised to pursue one or two short-term certificate courses in the related field. While it’ll take some time, your resume will look better even in a competitive job market. Additionally, you stand a great chance of getting quick promotions. Faster promotions lead to higher positions, and that means high salaries. By spending a year on related courses, you could move at least 10 years ahead of others.

Do an internship in a good firm

Many biotech companies seek help from constants in their field. These consultants are highly paid. Also, they carry years of expertise and experience in biotechnology. Teaming up with any such consulting firm will give you an edge over others. Plus, it’ll expand your learning field and let you stay updated with the latest happenings in the industry.

While you may not earn much, you will get profound knowledge by working as an intern in a consultancy firm. Also, you gain experience. Profound knowledge blended with experience along with your degree and certificates will land you a job quickly. In fact, you’ll have better bargaining power in the job market.

Join recruiting firms

Today, many job-seekers join recruiting firms. These firms act as a middleman in bringing job-seekers and employers together. Join a few reputed recruiting firms. Update your resume and stay in touch with recruiters. Since there’s a big demand for biotechnologists, you could expect a call for the interview within a month or two.

Explore classified ads

The old classified ads in newspapers still deliver. Keep browsing popular newspapers on weekends. Within no time, you could spot a few openings matching your resume.

Use online sources

While a great number of online options exist, LinkedIn is the best social site to find biotech jobs. Many recruiters and biotech firms post their requirements on the LinkedIn platform. Create an appealing profile on LinkedIn and connect with like-minded individuals. Also, check listings posted by recruiters. With a pleasing resume and experience, you could easily land a job through this professional network.

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